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Enjoy! Home Design Trends from Maison & Objet Go Bold

Maison & Objet Global Trend Ambassador Patti Carpenter shares some of the home design trends that were prevalent at the Paris show.

Patti Carpenter
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Patti Carpenter
Patti Carpenter reports home design trends from Maison & Objet.

As we set out on a quest for pleasure this season, the theme of Maison & Objet was ENJOY: in a quest for pleasures! There was an audacious dose of color and humor as we were encouraged to seek out and celebrate our inner child and to embrace extravagance, optimism, hope, hedonism and joy. Patterns burst forth, following several seasons of spectacular solids, exploding across the show in modern motifs made to be mixed, matched and layered. For the full trend report, click here

This was the most inspiring of the trends for me and it allows us to include the toiles and other delicate drawings, stripes, densely packed florals, deco and art nouveau inspirations and my favorite the neo geos. These graphic patterns are a joyful nod to nostalgia and a call to reminisce, reflect and indulge in a retro-inspired time period, but with a beautifully bold color refresh.

As all of life needs its balance, softer shades continued, but they are subtly nuanced, playing with light and shadow. Tactility featured heavily here as well, and all of this provides us with the perfect foundation for a timeless approach to simpler spaces and the quiet reflection that supports our well-being.

To that end, we introduced the Wellness and Beauty section of the show this edition to great response. There were sensory immersion opportunities that included yoga classes and light bathing. I even had my aura read!!

As always, there is something for every taste and the days pass full of innovation and inspiration and wonderful creative conversations. Hoping you will be a part of its next edition! 

Till then, ENJOY!! 

Bold Color at Maison & Objet

Maison & Objet Trends Golden Oldie

Harkening back to the time of the Golden Oldies, this warm and reddened yellow deepens with the sun into a bold and bright optimism. With a nod to nostalgia, it carries with it clarity and creativity.


Maison & Objet Showed Warm Neutrals

Maison & Objet Trends Bisque

A new neutral, Bisque acts as a buttery balm. It’s simplicty is soothing, offering calm and comfort during an unsettled time. 


Geometric Pattern Play on Trend at Maison & Objet

Maison & Objet Trends Pattern Play

An emergence of pattern following seasons of solids exploded across Masion & Objet. With a decidedly geometric bent and a renewed nod to retro, these patterns are modern motifs made to be mixed, matched and layered. 

For the full trend report, click here

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