Eurofase Lighting Introductions Balance Lighting's Beauty and Function

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There’s no time like the present to create exceptional indoor spaces.

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Eurofase Aerie
The Aerie collection has been extended to include multiple sizes and colors.

At Eurofase, we understand how lighting plays an integral role in your room experience, from setting the tone for each space to accenting what is in the room. As artists and lighting designers, we recognize the impact lighting has in our lives, helping us enjoy time together, sparking inspiration, and blending work and home lifestyles. Our new and updated collections embrace lighting’s important presence in both home and commercial spaces while adding a stunning decorative quality. 

With designs that are inspired by a variety of elements — geometric shapes, mid-century art, vintage styles, and nature — our newest collections not only represent our vision as a brand but also ensure we bring you the best and most beautiful lighting that you will not find anywhere else. 

Leonardelli collection
Leonardelli collection

Every collection has something unique to offer, and the 10 new collections and 7 line extensions from our July release are no exception. The Leonardelli collection, is inspired by the grand design of the celestial alignments. With dozens of small LED lights arranged in a breath-takingly beautiful design with a polished chrome frame, this is a must have in any space. 

Campisi collection
Campisi collection

The Campisi collection blends the timelessness and charm of a candelabra and the openness of delicate hand-blown glass, creating a transitional design that has endless possibilities in multiple room types. The clear glass looks almost suspended by the frame, with the two working together to create a light, transparent feel. 

Campisi collection
Metallo collection

Another new collection this season is the Metallo — Mid-century contemporary style meets a vintage, almost rustic design with a bit of a medieval influence. With its hand-rolled soft curves, gentle bend in the natural brass-plated metal and warm tones, the Metallo collection lends an inviting, calming feel to multiple settings.

Ombra collection
Ombra collection

Switch to a modern setting and you will have our Ombra collection to enchant you. Indirect lighting is cast upward into circular blades, discretely held by the outer frame and direct, integrated LED lighting is cast downward for a dramatic interplay of light and shadows in this seamless design. For added versatility, Ombra is available in a larger oval chandelier or smaller circular pendant plus two finish options: precision laser-cut black blades accentuated by a natural brass frame or dark bronze frame with laser-cut chrome blades.

Aerie collection
Aerie collection

A great success is the Aerie collection — now extended to include multiple sizes and colors. Inspired by free-flowing, gilded branches of gold and silver leaves which flow elegantly within an open-cage design linear frame made from solid cast brass.  The thin twigs are handcrafted with metal foil and accentuated by pinhole recessed LED lighting to add a luxurious glow to this beautiful, nature-inspired collection.

Bloomfield collection
Bloomfield collection

Designed to make a statement, the Bloomfield collection is now available in gold and black. Made with delicate and high-gloss metal chains which cascade like gleaming streams of water this lustrous, transitional piece that is created to be a topic of any conversation. Resembling armored chain mail, the lustrous, hand-painted mesh envelops each integrated LED light to add a soft, shimmering glow.

Several more exciting new collections are available in our newest release. There’s no time like the present to create exceptional indoor spaces, and our latest additions are here to help make your vision a reality.

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