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Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Whyte & Company is teaming up with Semihandmade to create a line of sinks that fit seamlessly into IKEA cabinets. Get an inside look at these new designs — and some of owner Kim Vance's favorites.

Alison Martin
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Whyte & Company founder and CEO Kim Vance grew up in a mustard kitchen — everything from the wall color to the kitchen sink was mustard colored. Over the years, she watched the colored sink fad fade away, until one day when — spurned by curiosity — she bounced around Google trying to find a purple sink and came up empty.

"I live in a country where I can buy a spatula off Amazon and have it delivered the same day, but I can’t buy a purple sink?” she thought. 

In her trademark can-do fashion, Vance, the former Vice President of Marketing at Feizy, decided it was time to bring a little color to the kitchen and bathroom. Last year, she launched Whyte & Co., a sink manufacturing company that marries luxury with affordability, and now this year, Vance's company is teaming up with Semihandmade to launch a line of sinks made to fit IKEA cabinet bases.

Started in 2011, Semihandmade creates custom doors and finishes to fit IKEA bases, offering customers more options for designing their dream kitchens. Owner John McDonald first saw Vance's sinks on Instagram and reached out to her about working together. When she saw his products, she "went bananas" and agreed to meet with McDonald to talk about what they could do together.

The result is a line of sinks made to fit IKEA cabinets. Vance says this new line offers an out-of-the-box, turnkey solution for kitchen and bath, especially fitting for small apartments and urban spaces. Homeowners will also be able to choose from an array of colors for their new IKEA cabinets.

Whyte & Co. currently offers 30 color options ranging from muted pastels to bright and bold blues and greens. Go behind the scenes and sneak a peek at Whyte & Co. and Semihandmade's never-before-seen collaboration — and see why so may are getting excited about Whyte & Co.'s colored sinks.

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