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fiVO Awarded Top Sustainability Score

fiVO was one of 14 companies to earn a top score in the 2022 Wood Furniture Scorecard. 

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fiVO Design furniture
fiVO Design won a Top Score on the Wood Furniture Score Card.

fiVO Design, an Andover, MA-based furniture designer and manufacturer, was awarded a Top Score in the 2022 Wood Furniture Scorecard, a joint initiative by the National Wildlife Federation (“NWF”) and the Sustainable Furnishings Council (“SFC”). The Scorecard assesses North American furniture retailers on their wood sourcing policies. This year, 127 companies were assessed. fiVO was amongst the 14 who earned a Top Score.  

“Sustainability is at the core of our values,” stated Stewart Junge, fiVO’s Owner and US Navy Veteran. “The premise of our design is multifunctional pieces that can adapt as consumers’ spaces and needs change. We are redefining modular as our furniture is durable, not disposable. In addition to its beautiful modern aesthetic, it assembles without the use of any tools or hardware so it can quickly and easily be assembled and disassembled without losing parts or risking damage. This is furniture for life that should never end up  in a landfill.”  

Globally, furniture manufacturers are the third largest wood consumers, behind the construction and the paper industry. The responsible harvest of wood supports healthy, thriving forests and sustainability. Both consumers and retailers contribute to the mission with their sourcing and purchasing decisions. The  Scorecard features furniture retailers that demonstrate a willingness to help protect forests and contribute to a more sustainable future. The methodology focuses on wood-sourcing policies, goals, and practices.  Both score and improvement year over year are acknowledged and awarded.  

fiVO, while new to the furniture industry, is already proving to be a leader in sustainability. A new member of the SFC in 2022, fiVO actively contributes to public messaging about the importance of sustainability and responsible forestry practices. When presented with the opportunity to be assessed by the Scorecard, there was no question to “opt-in”. With just 6 companies scoring higher, fiVO is in the top  5 percent of all retailers that opted to be scored.  

“Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word. It’s the future of design. As furniture designers and manufacturers, we have a responsibility to implement best practices into our designs and manufacturing process. Our furniture is made of sustainably forested Birch wood and proudly manufactured here in the USA,” shared  Deanna Junge, fiVO’s Director of Business Development.  

As organizations like NWF and SFC establish and foster initiatives like the Scorecard, consumers continue to be educated about supply chain matters and the importance of buying from companies that are willing to stand up for these causes rather than chase the bottom line. fiVO is clearly a top choice for consumers looking to purchase furniture from a sustainability-minded manufacturer and retailer.  

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