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Global Views Announces New Designer Collaboration

Global Views is partnering with Jennifer Farrell on an extensive category-wide collection.

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Jennifer Farrell
Global Views will celebrate its collaboration announcement with Jennifer Farrell at High Point Market.

Luxury brand Global Views has announced its newest collaboration with Award-winning interior designer, television host and product designer Jennifer Farrell on a licensed collection that will include a world of livable luxury designs across 20 product categories. 

“Upon our first meeting with Jennifer, I knew immediately there was something very special about her. From that moment till now, I’ve witnessed her considerable talents and skills. Our relationship started with her detailed presentation of a few chandeliers, mirrors, and cocktail tables becoming the basis for a  beautifully rendered Look Book covering the major rooms in a home - living and dining room, den/game room, bedroom, and bathroom. Each room setting contained well-thought-out renderings of all elements within the spaces from rugs to upholstery, to case goods, to accent furniture, to art, to lighting fixtures to mirrors - an amazing and complete total home statement in each environment. Her work ethic is so strong as evidenced by her delivery of assets and content in a timely, professional, and complete manner. The design department is excited to work with her and considers her a member of the team! With Jennifer’s talent and our ability to source the world to get great products produced, we feel certain her introductions with Global Views to the marketplace will be well received by customers across all categories.”  David Gebhart, President of Global Views shared.

Founder of the award-winning interior design firm Jennifer Farrell Designs, Farrell became nationally known during the two decades she has dominated the world of luxury interior design. As her influence in the field of interiors grew, Jennifer has gained worldwide attention with audiences who appreciate her talents and are inspired by her television shows. Jennifer’s notoriety and exposure has led to high profile brand ambassadorships, numerous collaborations with industry professionals and to recognition as a style leader and tastemaker.

Farrell commented about her partnership with Global Views, “I can’t tell you how exciting it is to collaborate with the entire team at Global Views and to allow my design fantasies to be realized. In my world of product and interior design, television, and brand partnerships, I consider the overarching theme of my career to be 'storyteller.' So it is an absolute honor to work alongside some of the most gifted artists and raconteurs in our industry — David Gebhart, Frederick Rayner and George Sellers, who are each creative geniuses in their own right, and to learn from the company's rich history in manufacturing luxury products. Through this collaboration I am able to take my original ideas to the next level with their awe-inspiring manufacturing capabilities. I feel truly blessed that Global Views is leveraging a worldwide team of artisans, engineers, and fabricators amassed over decades, to bring the Jennifer Farrell universe — that heretofore lived only in my head -— to the marketplace. Together, we’re telling a great story.”

Farrell shared how the collaboration with Global Views came to be during last year’s Las Vegas Market where she won the ASID ANDYZ Award for Best Residential Design, and connected with Global Views founders David Gebhart and Frederick Rayner, the ceremony co-hosts. “After the awards show, I got to know David and Frederick, and loved their story of the Global Views brand, which opened our conversation about working together. I came to our initial meeting with 15 product designs, to give them a glance into my vision for what a collaboration between us could look like. Even in that very first meeting, we had an instant connection — a design spark that quickly caught flame.”

During subsequent meetings with the design and leadership team at Global Views,  Farrell expanded her original presentation adding additional pieces in room vignettes to enhance the story she envisioned for the luxury brand. “By adding full renderings of five complete rooms that showcased dozens of my original product designs, the Global Views team could then really see my product design capabilities, and get inside my head to see the Jennifer Farrell world. Sharing that design vision with David, Frederick, and artistic director George Sellers is what sealed the deal for our partnership. The realization of the ‘Jennifer Farrell world’ has now expanded into a 90 page look-book that includes hundreds of original product designs in 20 categories, rendered in full color and specially created for Global Views, with a central theme of modern, overscaled organics and a definitive, unique design voice. I feel confident that you will find pieces you have never seen anywhere in the marketplace before, with a vibrant heart that pulses through the entire collection,” Jennifer Farrell added.

David Graff, Farrell’s licensing agent at SunGate Partners commented, “Very rarely is there a talent in the home décor industry who incorporates all the unique skills of Jennifer Farrell. Not only is she a talented designer, she is an experienced product developer who has her finger on the pulse on emerging trends in the market. To top it all off she is a great marketer with undeniable star power. She has a bright future ahead of her and my business partner, David Cohen, and I are proud to be her licensing representatives. I honestly can’t wait for everyone to see what’s next for Jennifer as her undeniable star power, luxury designs and passion for this industry is unparalleled.”

High Point Market guests are invited to join in the celebration around the Jennifer Farrell for Global Views Collection with a meet & greet drinks and lunch party on Sunday, April 14th from 12:00-2:00 pm. This event will be the official celebration to launch the collaboration, and 

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