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HF Custom Offers 'Moore'

If you’re looking for custom upholstery, you’ll want to look no further than HF Custom.

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HF Custom

Want it your way? If you’re looking for custom upholstery, you’ll want to look no further than HF Custom.

With more than 650 fabrics and 25 wood finishes to choose from, HF Custom delivers unlimited potential when it comes to customization, which has become more prevalent in home design as designers and consumers want the unique appeal that only custom can provide. Manufactured in the U.S. as well, HF Custom not only provides extensive custom capabilities, it allows for faster delivery, more sustainable shipping and reliable customer service.

HF Custom, formerly known as Sam Moore, has been crafting quality, custom upholstered furniture in the U.S. since 1940 — and from its current manufacturing plant in Bedford, VA, since 1960. Having joined as a division of Hooker Furnishings in 2007, the custom upholstery maker has only continued to expand throughout the years.

Touting a 300,000-square-foot facility based in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, HF Custom is a balanced blend of state-of-the-art technology and hand craftsmanship. Each day, skilled artisans play a part in creating HF Custom pieces. From upholsterers, sewers and inspectors to button makers and finishers, every piece is proudly crafted at the Bedford factory.

Today, HF Custom represents Hooker Furnishings’ broad new portfolio of products and custom upholstery capabilities.

As Sam Moore, the company was known for its custom accent chairs. Once folded into Hooker, those custom maker capabilities were expanded and continue to do so today. “In addition to chairs, HF Custom now produces an expansive line of sofas, sectionals, recliners and a variety of accent upholstery items,” says Sandi Mowry, Senior VP of Sales and Merchandising. “Modular seating — which is also fairly new to the product assortment — adds to the customization options as well, allowing customers to create the perfect fit for their spaces.”

With a curated and extensive selection of fashion-forward, high-end fabrics, along with new upholstery silhouettes targeting design-savvy consumers, designers and retailers, HF Custom’s April 2024 High Point Market plans include a continued expansion of high-style, paired with unique components and features.

“For example, silhouettes with complex curvatures that add visual interest will be incorporated into the collection,” Mowry says. “These pieces require a highly skilled product development team, and some of the upholstery industry's most sought-after craftsmen and women to execute,” resources and artisans HF Custom is proud to employ.

As a comprehensive upholstery resource, HF Custom also sets itself apart within the industry by customizing more than just the seating it delivers. From choice of finishes to choice of speed to market, HF Custom has divisions that cater to customers with varied upholstery and timing needs. For example, Bespoke Seating Sooner — a quick ship program with a four-week lead time — includes select upholstery options from the company’s Loft Living collection, offering expedited, fashion-forward styles with semi-custom design options.

“Bespoke Seating Sooner was developed because of a growing consumer trend — and sometimes even an expectation — of ‘instant gratification,’” Mowry says, noting that the company is paying close attention to its customer’s needs, including what’s come to be known as the Amazon effect of expecting expedited delivery, even in a custom program.

“The program features our classic 'L' shaped sectional, two sofa sizes, matching chair/ottoman with three arm choices, four body options and 12 pillow patterns. It also includes several very popular swivel chairs and recliners,” Mowry continues, enough of a variety that most consumers can find what they are looking for within the quick-ship program.

“In developing our program, it was important for us to offer quick ship options without sacrificing style,” Mowry continues.

Bespoke Seating’s Daxton Sofa, for example, features a contemporary track arm and clean lines for a minimalist look without sacrificing comfort. The Darrien Sectional boasts transitional, swept-back track arms, offering versatility and refined scaling ideal for smaller spaces, making it suitable for a variety of settings. Whether fully customized or customized for quick shipping, HF Custom puts quality and style first, upholding its reputation as a resource for quality, handcrafted, custom upholstery, expanding far beyond its origins as a chair manufacturer as Sam Moore.

HF Custom is not resting on its laurels, instead continuing to innovate and grow its custom capabilities. “Moving forward, the Bedford factory will continue to invest in the latest advances for our customer base,” Mowry says. “Whether it’s through state-of-the-art technology, or complex hand-worked brushing and glazing — each piece is its own unique piece of art.” 

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