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High Point Market Authority Rolls Out Community Impact Award

The High Point Market Community Impact Award will recognize local businesses and individuals who contribute to the success of High Point Market and the community itself. 

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High Point Market Authority has introduced a Community Impact Award, starting this fall.

Hosting the highly successful High Point Market twice a year takes the contribution of more than a single organization, it takes the effort of the entire local community to provide the hospitality, experience and the know-how built over decades to make High Point a truly international city and the global mecca of home furnishings.  

To recognize the local businesses or individuals who are exemplary community and market partners consistently contributing to the success of both the city and the twice-yearly Market, the High Point Market Authority has created the High Point Market Community Impact Award.

Tammy Nagem, president/CEO of High Point Market Authority said, “We believe that the success of Market is directly related to the goodwill and partnership shown by High Point’s businesses and residents. This award celebrates the power of collaboration, community, engagement and the collective efforts that drive the growth and prosperity of both the Market and the city.”

The recipient of the High Point Market Community Impact Award will receive a 5-foot-tall HPMKT stainless steel sculpture to proudly display at their business. The award was distinctively designed and fabricated by local High Point artist Justin Stabb, owner of Stabb Designs. The first award will be announced later this fall.

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