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High Point Market Exhibitors Offer Off-Market Opportunities

Some High Point Market exhibitors are opening their doors for early December shopping opportunities.

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High Point Market exhibitors off-market opportunities
High Point Market Exhibitors are opening their showrooms in December to buyers.

The ongoing shifts and disruptions from COVID-19 are creating new opportunities for exhibitors to connect with buyers via their High Point showrooms. For  approximately 100 High Point Market exhibitors, their adaptive strategies include exploring off-Market times for buyer appointments within their High Point spaces.  
“High Point Market is where the industry comes together, but given this current COVID-era, it’s not surprising we’re seeing an increase in exhibitors embracing showroom traffic outside of the typical April and October dates,” commented Tom Conley, president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority. “Our role at the Market Authority is to support the buy/sell relationship between manufacturers and buyers here in High Point. Given that COVID-19 has pushed us all to adapt, we are open to High Point-focused initiatives that are working alongside us to further cement High Point as a design destination and vital resource for the industry.” 

Three groups recently announced upcoming opportunities for qualified buyers to shop in High Point  
this December. The High Point Showroom Association has been offering year-round access to their  
member companies for the past 30-plus years. Their Designer Holiday Market event is scheduled for  
Wednesday, December 2, in their 38 showrooms. For High Point x Design, a new group formed earlier this year, 17 of their flagship showrooms are planning a five-day Cool Yule shopping event December 1 – 5, with the promise of an event calendar for the first part of 2021 coming soon.  

Although not a formal group, First Tuesday has been gaining popularity among manufacturers over the past several weeks. More of a concept, the idea originated with Manwah USA CEO Guy Ray and, to date, 76 exhibitors have committed to open on Tuesday, December 1, and Wednesday, Dec 2. “It’s no secret that the hype, energy, education and connection with friends is amazing during traditional Market times. That said, I’ve always hoped for more access to High Point throughout the year... the ability to explore each brand with ease, and without being rushed,” Laura Thurman of Thurman Design Studio out of Nashville, TN, recently shared on the High Point x Design Instagram channel. “I see this shift as an opportunity to discover new lines and talented makers. There is so much  to experience at High Point, I often feel I’ve barely taken a bite… I’m looking forward to participating in  the coming year!"

Exhibitors opening their doors are pledging to follow all CDC and North Carolina DHHS safety mandates and suggestions, in addition to continuing the safety measures that were implemented during Fall  Market this past October. The High Point Market Authority will be providing wristbands for daily health checks and will be coordinating the color-coding for consistency among all exhibitors.  

Details about the Showroom Association’s Designer Holiday Market can be found at highpointshowroomassociation.com. The list of showrooms opening for First Tuesday is being updated daily on Furniture Today’s website.
Buyers looking to attend are encouraged to make appointments in advance with the individual  
showrooms they wish to visit. Travel planning services, including flight, hotel, rental car and dinner  
reservations, are available through High Point Market’s official concierge, Travel Quest, Inc., by calling  
336-434-3867 or emailing hpmarket@travelquestinc.com.  

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