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High Point Market Updates Safety Guidance for June

Masks will no longer be required in buildings or showrooms unless posted. Masks will still be required on shuttles. 

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High Point Market, HPMKTsafe
High Point Market safety guidance has changed for June.

In light of the recent updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the state of North Carolina regarding health and safety guidelines and mandates, the High Point Market Authority has updated its #HPMKTsafe protocols for Spring Market, June 5-9.  

To align with the state’s adjusted mask mandate, face coverings will still be required on all Market  shuttles, but buildings and showrooms will not need to require face coverings. However, should they  choose to do so, signage should be posted indicating the request.  
Capacity restrictions and social distancing guidelines have been removed, although some buildings may  still reduce capacity or promote social distancing in common areas and on elevators and escalators. Posted signage should outline any guidance regarding these areas.  
Daily health checks will no longer be required, and wristbands indicating a successful health check will  no longer be distributed.  

“Even before this pandemic, we have relied on the advice and guidance of our medical authorities to  inform our health and safety policies, and we are continuing to do so,” commented Tom Conley,  president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority. “They are the health experts, and thus we trust  them to share with us best practices based on the most up-to-date medical data they have. These  #HPMKTsafe updates are simply us taking their guidance and applying it accordingly across the Market  district.”  

Market attendees are urged to respect any posted safety signage when entering any building or  showroom.  

The current #HPMKTsafe plan is available on the High Point Market website at  
www.highpointmarket.org/HPMKTsafe. Any additional updates made will be reflected on this webpage. 

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