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Hip to Be Square

These mirrors may have conventional roots, but their modern applications are chic from all sides. 

Jennifer Pinto
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Four Faces four-paneled mirrors with geometric shapes from Zuo Mod
So hip, so hip to be square — this this one from Zuo Modern.

Practical. Predictable. PSHT. The latest square mirrors are having all sorts of fun with fashion-forward frames and designer treatments.

Check out our gallery of four-sided stunners that reach outside the box to prove being square is always in style. 

Square beveled mirror - Regina Andrew Design

Square beveled mirror with a Golf Leaf finished frame with an Art Deco style from Regina Andrew Design

When it comes to defying stereotypes, Detroit-based Regina Andrew Design knows how to do it just right. Case and point: The company’s square beveled mirror is the perfect juxtaposition of humble roots and confident style. 





Laine — Bassett Mirror Company

Laine mirror with diamond pattern from Bassett Mirror Company



Hanging out at the confluence of geometry and art, you’ll find Bassett Mirror Company’s Laine wall mirror. A modern take on old standard, Laine is striking from any angle. 






Four Faces — Zuo Modern

Four Faces four-paneled mirrors with geometric shapes from Zuo Mod

Why settle for just one mirror, when you could have four? The gold-framed Four Faces wall panel from Zuo Modern packs a powerful punch in just under two cubic feet. 







Strickland — Surya

Strickland mirror made of multiple square mirrors in various sizes from Surya



  Too many squares? There’s no such thing. Surya’s Strickland mirror      takes the common shape and multiples it for maximum impact. 







Which of these styles in your favorite? Share with us in the comments! 

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