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IDS Announces KBIS VIP Designer Experience

The two-day event will take place February 8-10, 2022, at the KBIS show in Orlando.

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IDS, KBIS VIP Designer Experience
IDS and KBIS are partnering to bring a VIP Design experience focused on kitchen and bath.

The Interior Design Society (IDS) has announced its upcoming KBIS VIP Designer Experience, which takes place Feb 08-09, 2022 in Orlando. The planned two-day experience will feature a multi-event program in partnership with National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), including two guided tours to visit leading KBIS exhibitors, and educational segments with the official tour sponsor, Cosentino, for added engagement at their KBIS booth, W1411. 

This year's KBIS (Feb 08-10, 2022) will launch the first phase of a larger partnership between these two national trade organizations. The inaugural IDS National - KBIS VIP Designer Experience is a multi-event program has been developed and produced by Serena Martin, Director of Marketing, Phillips Collection; and Wendy Glaister, Wendy Glaister Interiors, on behalf of IDS National to help their members discover innovative ways to diversify their design businesses by educating them on how best to dive into the Kitchen & Bath Industry. 

IDS National, Executive Director Jenny Cano shares, “On behalf of IDS Members across the country, we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with NKBA | KBIS, as a way to bring together our members like never before, forging stronger connections and developing bonds that uplift our entire design and trade community.”

IDS National’s “VIP Designer Experience” is offered as a way to deliver expert advice on how to become a kitchen and bath design pro while navigating North America’s largest trade show, providing first-time attendees the opportunity to learn from leading kitchen and baht experts while participating in a IDS Member Guided Tour. Each of the planned half-day tours will consist of a group of (20) designers led by IDS Tour Host Wendy Glaister, a leading Kitchen & Bath Designer. Attendees will visit a curated list of manufacturers to make personalized introductions and to connect with national kitchen and bath brands. Additionally, each of the participating brands will have the opportunity to connect with guests to deliver a 15 - 20 minute tour of their booth while they educate tour guests on their brand’s features and benefits.

Glaister commented, “I am thrilled to be supporting IDS and NKBA. As a member of both organizations I am so honored to be leading this VIP Designer Experience and kicking off the inaugural launch of their partnership. Working alongside each of their teams has been a seamless process as we have worked together to design an exceptional two-day event experience. We are really intent on delivering a priceless education for designers embarking into all that the kitchen and bath industry has to offer.”

The full schedule for IDS National’s “KBIS VIP Designer Experience,” includes a two day multi-event program featuring a half day tour, educational segments, and a special welcome address from Suzie Williford, EVP of NKBA. Each of the guided tours will enjoy a mid-day break with a lunch & learn from the official tour sponsor, Cosentino, and will also feature a stop at the NKBA Booth to engage with fellow designers for a special reception where IDS members may update their professional headshot before heading off with complimentary VIP tickets to the KBIS Bash on Feb 09!

Event Producer Martin shared, “While developing this multi-event program with Wendy Glaister, we really wanted to help fellow interior designers that were struggling with delivering a finished product, due to supply chain issues. So we began with the idea of bringing designers focused on interiors a first class introduction into the kitchen and bath Industry. Starting with the concept of a guided tour of KBIS, we reached out to IDS and NKBA, and were overjoyed with each organization's excitement about our multi-event program and partnership concept, resulting in us pioneering a larger partnership between these two incredible trade organizations and building a curated Designer Experience - like no other.”

IDS KBIS VIP Designer Experience | Events Summary

Feb 08 | Guided Tour + Lunch & Learn + Free Headshots + Reception at NKBA Booth

(2) sets of x (20) designers each will enjoy a guided tour with host Wendy Glaister to visit (10) participating brands.

9:30am - 12:30pm 

Morning tour ends with lunch & learn at Cosentino

1:30pm -4:00pm 

Afternoon tour begins with lunch & learn at Cosentino 


NKBA sponsored reception with Free Headshots + Reception at NKBA Booth

Feb 09 | KBIS Bash

IDS Tour Guests will receive complimentary VIP Tickets to KBIS Bash!

IDS also added a planned precursor webinar event for 1pm EST, Thursday, January 13, 2022. as a way of introducing its members to the multi-event program for the KBIS VIP Design Experience. This free webinar will feature IDS National Executive Team, Jenny Cano and Maddie Landers with Guest Lecturer & Tour Host Glaister, for an insightful virtual webinar discussion. “Diversifying your Design Practice for Additional Revenue Streams” will educate attendees on how to diversify their design practices, with tips for gaining Kitchen and Bath clients and upselling their interior design projects. To register for this free webinar here: https://interiordesignsociety.org/virtualchapter 

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