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imagine.io Launches Basic 3D Content Creation Starter Package

The new imagine.io package will allow users to take advantage of its platform for $99 a month.

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The new starter package from imagine.io will be $99 a month.

imagine.io, a 3D content creation platform for the home furnishings industry and other verticals, is looking to encourage retailers and DTC brands to utilize 3D configurators on their ecommerce sites with a new entry-level package of just $99 per month. 

With the $99 monthly subscription, users can enjoy a single product configuration, which includes a variety of silhouette shots from various camera angles, and the ability to select different fabrics and finishes on select parts of the product that are updated in real time. 

“Research is demonstrating that configurators help inspire buyer confidence in purchasing products they haven’t necessarily seen in person,” said Preet Singh, Founder of imagine.io.

“The fact is that without the ability to utilize 3D immersive visuals when shopping online, only 2.6 percent of visitors will actually click through to purchase. With new imaging tools, the numbers of click throughs rises dramatically. Since we realize that the concept of creating your own configurator may seem daunting, our goal with the new package is to empower retailers with an entry-level subscription that allows for testing, learning and adapting at an affordable price.”

Compatible with every major eCommerce platform, imagine.io’s platform makes integration simple and efficient. The company explains that any eCommerce shop can implement basic 3D immersive visuals in a matter of minutes with a simple embedded code. This makes it possible for both small and medium-sized businesses with little tech support and enterprise organizations to take advantage of imagine.io’s offerings. Further, imagine.io stores all user metadata and makes it available to download instantly. This data provides a deeper understanding of their customers so that they can craft marketing and promotional content with greater precision.

Hundreds of major manufacturers and retailers utilize imagine.io’s programs on an annual or monthly subscription basis and receive an unlimited number of 3D renders, whether the need be for silhouette or lifestyle imagery. All subscriptions are available on the company’s new image-generator landing page: https://imagine.io/product-configurators

On September 20 at 2 p.m. EST., founder and CEO Preet Singh and Vice President Surbhi Kohli will be hosting a webinar to show how 3D visuals can drive increased sales for e-commerce companies. Both speakers will be leading presentations on “How eCommerce Selling is Changing,” “The Impact of 3D Content on Conversions,” “The Importance of Producing Content In-House” and “How 3D Content Saves Time and Money.” The presentation will focus on how 3D configurators fill the visual gap that is paramount to selling online today. To register for the webinar, visit: https://imagine.io/how-to-maximize-ecommerce-sales-with-3d-visuals

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