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Last Look: Kitchen Office Nook by Jill Erwin

In this nook, Jill Erwin brings old and new together to create a beautiful, multipurpose space. 

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Jill Erwin
Jill erwin

Jill Erwin, Principal of Jill Erwin Interiors, in Midlothian, VA, believes in pairing existing furnishings with added decor to create personalized living spaces. 

Jill Erwin, Last Look

1. I was given a task to revive a sleepy corner ... a small snippet of one of the designer houses I worked on. This one was named Holly Lawn because of its beautiful gardens, and I chose to incorporate that name into my design. The homeowner is a chef and really needed a work space/office, so I played into the home office trend. I’ve always said, try to keep things in a designated spot. I love organization and it’s why I decided to design a custom multifunctional desk/buffet. This area now suits the homeowner’s needs with a bottom file cabinet for her treasured recipes. I played off the kitchen’s gorgeous existing  cabinetry with an ever-classic black base topped with coordinating quartz. It worked perfectly for the space and gave it a sense of texture.

2. I’ve always had a fondness for antiques and mixing old and new. So I went to one of our local tried-and-true antique stores to bring in pieces to display the homeowner’s incredible florals. These antique vases brought an ageless depth and they now accent her seasonal autumn flowers, and even added a touch of music. I even infused a few of the quirks I’m known for with splashes of red to flow with this serene corner.

3. I also have a love for local art work. One of my favorite things to do is go to our local First Fridays and enter a world of imagination and design. I’ve honed in on certain artists I know and follow. It’s always so much fun to highlight their work or have pieces commissioned. I chose the large oil painting of a field of poppies because I loved the red that brought together the other accessories and pops of whimsy. I also chose a gorgeous stained glass window treatment. The natural light was breathtaking and the stained glass echoed the brilliant colors the homeowner’s secret garden.



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