Last Look With Michael Maschmeyer

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Urban Rooftops Lincoln Park roof

City dwellers may not have acres of outdoor space, but they go all out with what they do have. In Chicago, outdoor design firm Urban Rooftops specializes in turning boring garage rooftops into their clients’ perfect getaways. See how designer Michael Maschmeyer took this roof in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and gave his clients the entertaining space of their dreams.

1. Our client wanted a family-friendly space that had a dual purpose for viewing sporting events and entertaining. We incorporated a service bar for impromptu gatherings and an outdoor TV for weeknight game viewing. The wraparound sectional with complementing fire pit provides a family-friendly atmosphere and warmth on cool summer evenings.

2. We wanted to create a space that would have flow from area to area without creating any visual disruption to the back of the clients’ beautiful garden. We knew how important it was for our client to have a space where they can relax and watch a movie with their children, as well as have the ability to use the same space for a night in with a glass of wine and the firepit running on a chilly September night. Also, they are sports fans so we needed to create a space that could also host some of their friends for a couple of hors d’oeuvres and drinks while they can watch the game around the wet bar, or on the sectional for a more relaxed feel.

3. The interior decor plays a role in determining stylistically what direction we go with the furniture. The functionality of the furniture is also important, as are the natural site conditions from sun exposure to wind. We typically suggest an understated organic-style fan. We don’t feel the fan should say “look at me” as you might consider when specifying an indoor fan. Most of our lighting is low-voltage and is meant for accenting and ambiance. We also strategically design in ambient lighting where we have a step or stairs to keep our rooftop spaces safe. Many of our projects have pendant lights that are designed on a separate switch for lighting the bar, buffet or entertainment space on demand. When entering our outdoor living areas, our lighting design perspective is to create visual drama.


Michael Maschmeyer
Michael Maschmeyer


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