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Last Look With Stephanie James and Patti Allen

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Last Look Allen and James

Stephanie James and Patti Allen are award-winning designers and co-owners of Allen and James Interior Design in High Point, NC. The designer duo has specialized in building personal relationships with clients and manufacturers over their 25 years in business. They are known for infusing their professional decor expertise and sincere commitment to exceed design expectations into projects for a list of global clientele.

1. SJ: The lighting pieces in the dining room are creations by John-Richard. This particular chandelier was the inspiration for the lighting that would similarly flow throughout the 6,000-square-foot home. 

In this space, the ceilings provided so much volume that they were not only able to accommodate a lighting piece of this stature, but required it. As the client leans more to a New Traditional style, yet with an edge, she fell in love with this piece. 

Understanding the client’s style preferences, we sought out timeless pieces that also offered a little bling. The room is also open to multiple living spaces and the scale of the lighting and all the furnishings is important. 

2. PA: We love to marry design and comfort for our clients. Barrel shapes are so comfortable. This chair design is a great option for those who like to entertain and possibly have guests sitting for long periods within the furnishings. 

With the openness of this room, it was able to accommodate a larger scale chair. These seating pieces by Hickory White provide height and scale in addition to the comfort.   

The large-scale table also required that we carefully match it with chairs of an equal scale. The seating is balanced with the
open and statement-making architecture of the home.

3. SJ: We did something in the office space opposite this room and it has the same table base by Chaddock as is on this dining table. It speaks to the client’s desire for timeless pieces that also stand out.  

The finish, Graphite Grey, is one that is carried throughout the home. 


Stephanie James Patti Allen
Stephanie James (left) and Patti Allen (right)

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