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Last Look with Temeko Clements

Temeko Clements, owner of Echelon Design & Co. interior design warms up this modern space with a mix of furnishings and materials.

Diane Falvey
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Temeko Clements Last Look
This modern space is made warmer with wood tones and vintage pieces.

Temeko Clements

Temeko Clements is the Owner of Echelon Design & Co., a Phoenix-based design firm focusing on high-end residential interior design and distinctive commercial projects. Clements helps her clients experience endless joy in their homes through designs that bring their stories to life.

Warming Up a Modern Space

1. Overall, we were aiming for a minimalist vibe that’s more of a Midcentury Modern style, while sprinkling in classic furniture pieces. The client was a busy young doctor who loved to entertain when time permitted. We determined space plan was essential, and furnishing selections had to be intentional and impactful because he was evolving in his career, friendships and relationships. He wanted his space reflect his growth; from a young bachelor to a young professional with style and depth.

2. The cooler grey walls accompanied with a walnut floor, allowed for a mixture of tones. However, designing around the existing warm maple kitchen cabinets made the transition pretty seamless. We typically choose the rug first and design the room around it because a large rug will pull everything together. The rug was a conversational piece; from the colors and lines to its texture. It had to be incorporated in this design. 

3. The client wanted a space to reflect his style but also pull from the contemporary   exterior features of the building. So clean lines were key. I love adding softened curves to a midcentury design because it creates layering and interest. We removed his “bachelor pad” oversized grey sofa along with the glass table and replaced with all new furnishings. Sectioning off the room into a living and dining zone (that were not there before), allowed for more of an entertaining environment that fulfilled his desires. 

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