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Libby Langdon and Paragon Announce Partnership

The Libby Langdon for Paragon Collection is set to launch in fall 2019 at High Point Market.

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Libby Langdon Lendell Glassco
Libby Langdon and Lendell Glassco

Libby Langdon, interior designer, author and television personality, is designing her first line of wall decor with Paragon, an award-winning wall art, mirrors and lamps manufacturer. The much-anticipated collection is set to launch in fall 2019 at High Point Market.

The initial steps toward this partnership began at the Accessories Resource Team (ART) Conference in Savannah in May 2018. Paragon President Lendell Glassco, an integral member of the ARTS community, served as host at the conference’s opening day panel and Langdon was a panelist. Following the talk, the first conversation of a collaboration was in the works, and Langdon began dreaming up designs to present to the creative team at Paragon.

“As a designer I know a home or room has no way of feeling finished if the walls are bare,” said Langdon about her reasons for wanting to break into this category. “Without art a space feels like something was forgotten. Artwork on walls gives a feeling of completion, a design fully realized.”

As an interior designer, Langdon, who has a lighting collection with Crystorama, rugs with KAS and outdoor furniture with NorthCape, really understands what consumers want and what artwork appeals to them, which makes this collaboration particularly exciting for her. With her collection, she aims to take some of the guesswork out of choosing wall decor. 

The Libby Langdon for Paragon Collection, which will be steeped in her signature style of everyday elegance, will be a combination of different mediums, art forms and materials to appeal to a varied group of consumers.

“We are looking forward to combining Paragon’s ability to develop exclusive art and Libby’s impeccable design expertise to create a unique product offering that is sure to be well received in the industry,” said Glassco.

“While I’d always dreamed of creating my own line of wall decor, I was totally blown away after visiting the Paragon facility in Alabama,” said Langdon. “The possibilities of what they can produce seem limitless. Everything from special custom mats and printing materials to having endless framing capabilities allows me to think outside the box and build special pieces that are gorgeous but still fall in line with the value I want to offer buyers.”

For more information on the Libby Langdon for Paragon collection, contact Ann Feldstein at ann@moxiemarketingny.com or Kate Jerde at kate@moxiemarketingny.com.

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