Lighting the Way: Episode 12 - Lighting & the Internet of Things

Dwight Stewart explains the role of lighting in a building environment and how it is integrated into IoT systems.

Lighting the Way Episode 12, Lighting and the Internet of Things

In this episode, Managing Editor Amy McIntosh talks with Dwight Stewart, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Igor, a smart building technology company. Stewart discussed how Internet of Things (IoT) technology works to coordinate all of a building’s components onto one system to maximize efficiency. He explained the role lighting — both natural and manmade — plays in a building environment and how it is integrated into an IoT system. He also explained how UV light can be used for disinfection, and how he sees the future of IoT that leads to a feeling of security, well-lbeing and enhanced emotional connections to a space.

This episode is sponsored by Dallas Market Center.

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