Lighting the Way: Episode 17 - What is BioCentric Lighting?

In this episode, Niclas Olsson, CEO of BrainLit, explains how biology plays a role in determining our lighting needs.

Lighting the Way

In Episode 17 of Lighting the Way, Niclas Olsson, CEO of BrainLit, talks with Furniture, Lighting & Decor Managing Editor Amy McIntosh about BioCentric Lighting. Olsson explains the importance of circadian light and how biology plays a role in determining the proper amount of light for a situation. He outlines some case studies, highlighting the measurable results the technology has achieved in office and healthcare settings, and explains how it can also work in residential applications. 

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About the Podcast:

Lighting the Way is a podcast from the editors of Furniture, Lighting & Decor magazine, spotlighting the latest innovations in lighting design and technology. Join us twice a month for interviews with lighting industry experts to learn how the industry is moving forward.

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