Lighting the Way: Episode 18 - International Sourcing with Ngala Trading Co.

In this episode, Lawson Ricketts of Ngala Trading Co. outlines the company's process for sourcing and manufacturing lighting in South Africa.

Lighting the Way

In Episode 18 of Lighting the Way, Managing Editor Amy McIntosh spoke with Lawson Ricketts, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Ngala Trading Co. Ricketts discussed how Ngala Trading Co. came to be, how his team sources and manufactures products, and how design trends translate from South Africa to the U.S. market. He also talked about the importance of ethical and sustainable business practices, from both a human resources and materials standpoint. Plus, find out how the coronavirus pandemic affected this company that relies on international travel and shipping, and why not having product cross an ocean is an asset during this time.

This episode is sponsored by Dallas Market Center.

About the Podcast:

Lighting the Way is a podcast from the editors of Furniture, Lighting & Decor magazine, spotlighting the latest innovations in lighting design and technology. Join us twice a month for interviews with lighting industry experts to learn how the industry is moving forward.

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