Lighting the Way: Episode 8 - LEDs With the Lighting Doctor

In this episode, we talk with Randall Whitehead, the Lighting Doctor, about all things LEDs.

Lighting the Way

In this episode of Lighting the Way, Managing Editor Amy McIntosh talks with Randall Whitehead, the Lighting Doctor, about all things LEDs. Whitehead explains the history and evolution of LEDs, the four most important terms all designers need to know to understand LEDs, and how retailers and designers can pass their knowledge of LEDs onto their customers. 

This episode is sponsored by Dallas Market Center.

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About the Podcast:

Lighting the Way is a podcast from the editors of Furniture, Lighting & Decor magazine, spotlighting the latest innovations in lighting design and technology. Join us twice a month for interviews with lighting industry experts to learn how the industry is moving forward.

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