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Lights! Camera! Design!

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Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn
Photo: Brian Patrick Flynn

Producer-turned-interior-designer Brian Patrick Flynn knows what it takes to get good design on TV, and now he’s creating it himself. Discover the inspirations behind Flynn’s new collection for Crystorama.

Design with Teeth


The Hulton is the most architectural of the styles and it’s all about perpendicular lines. Hulton is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name and I’ve always found it striking and strong. I came up with the idea after my younger sister went on a shark diving trip in Namibia, and it took quite a bit of engineering to get right. It’s offered in a black finish and also comes with a central pure white fabric shade diffuser, which really results in gorgeous light output. 

'60s Calling


You’re not supposed to ask parents if they have a favorite child, but as the creator of these fixtures, I admit that the Truax [my mom’s maiden name] is my favorite. I’m a huge fan of Mid-Century Modern lighting, but I’m also a traditionalist at heart, so I decided to create enormous globe fixtures that combine the single look of a ‘60s globe pendant with the more elaborate look of a traditional chandelier. The larger options offer a decorative banding in the center which masks the seams of the acrylic top and bottom.

Asian Influences


The Hurley is the most classic and traditional of my light fixtures. I got the idea for the design when I found bright red, remarkably oversized pagoda-style lanterns at an antique market in Los Angeles. The scale was so enormous that they were unlike anything I’d seen before. Hurley also happens to be the name of my older sister’s dog, who also happens to be named after my maternal grandmother’s side of the family.


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Brian Patrick Flynn

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