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Maison&Objet Announces First Future on Stage Winners

The three companies touted in the new Maison&Objet program showcase innovative design in a number of home furnishings categories. 

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LucyBalu Cat Furniture
LucyBalu is one of Future Stage winners at Maison&Objet for its stylish cat furniture.

Future On Stage is a new Maison&Objet project to promote emerging companies in the home decor, design and lifestyle industries. One of the European trade show's  purposes is to promote the power of innovation and stimulate the growth of young companies that can change our society and contribute to improve their industry.

Maison&Objet is pleased to announce the first three Future On Stage winners:

Pierreplume, founded by Amandine Langlois, Jérémie Triaire and Camille Chardayre; LucyBalu, founded by Sebastian Frank and Mathias Wahrenberger; and Avuly, founded by Jean-Pierre Cauchy, Hugo Texier and Paul Marino


Pierreplume has found that used textiles can become acoustic material, and aesthetically relevant. Reinventing textile recycling through design is no more or less the challenge taken up by Pierreplume. With their wall covering panels that look like real stones, the three young founders, Amandine Langlois, Jérémie Triaire and Camille Chardayre, have invented a light and easy surface for install as a sound absorber, made from recycled textile waste. Its range, which incorporates variations of mineral hues through the simple interplay of layers of fabric, lends itself to all architectural and design projects. This featherweight "stone" has a long life ahead of it.


LucyBalu feels that cats also have a right to design, and have developed durable and desirable furniture and accessories for felines.
For a long time, cat accessories have been synonymous with poor design and poor quality. But that was before LucyBalu and its products — as beautiful as they are well thought out — which are designed to shake up this purring sector. Its two Munich founders, designer Sebastian Frank and entrepreneur Mathias Wahrenberger are both cat lovers and have designed a rich range of furniture and accessories for felines with a sleek design, locally made from natural materials and designed to last. Who's purring now?


There is joy in aluminum outdoor furniture!
Focused on unique design, breaking with sector codes, 100 percent recyclable stainless material and French manufacturing, since 2020 Aluvy has been blowing a breath of fresh air on barbecues and other braziers. The first models were sweetly named Marcel, Lulu, Joséphine and Sam. Jean Pierre Cauchy, Hugo Texier and Paul Marino, the three founders of Aluvy from Isère, embarked on this adventure of aluminum in the service of audacious, colorful and robust outdoor furniture, geared toward conviviality and sharing. 

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