Meet the Furniture, Lighting & Decor Editorial Advisors: John Dorlini, CIRCLE Design Studio

Meet John Dorlini, the architectural half of CIRCLE Design Studio, along with his wife Theresa Dorlini, who handles the design work.

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John Dorlini, CIRCLE Design Studio
John Dorlini, Principal Architect at CIRCLE Design Studio, is one of our newest advisors.

Meet John Dorlini, the architectural half of CIRCLE Design Studio, along with his wife Theresa Dorlini, who handles the design work. John brings a perspective to the Furniture, Lighting & Decor Editorial Advisory Board that we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Before the beauty is added to a home, the structure has to be figured out. The Dorlinis started CIRCLE Design Studio in 2005, rehabilitating homes in historic neighborhoods in Southwest Virginia, and have evolved the business into a design build firm that offers architecture, interior design and general contracting services. 

John shared several additional business and personal insights with Furniture, Lighting & Decor, shared below. 

Furniture, Lighting & Decor: Name one of your biggest challenges in the business you’re in now and how you’ve overcome it? 

John Dorlini: Saying ‘No’. Starting a business before the recession has scared us into taking every opportunity that comes our way. We have become more selective by vetting clients who value what we have to offer instead of the size of the fee or prestige that might come with it.  

FLD: If you were able to start over, share one thing you would change on your path to where you are now.

JD: The book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz has been life-changing. The model of Sales-Overhead=Profit should be replaced by Sales-Profit=Overhead. For years I reinjected my profit into my business without knowing it instead of rewarding myself first.  

FLD: What’s your favorite piece for your home you’ve ever purchased? (can be lighting, décor or furniture) Why? 

JD: Before we had children, we purchased our first “fine art” on layaway from an art gallery in Naples, FL. It is a mixed media by artist Kathy Kissik and hangs in our dining room. It combines architecture, movement, and a level of incompleteness that I like to finish with my imagination.     


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