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Minka Reimagined: A Collection That Relays Commitment to Excellence

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When the Minka Group decided to revitalize its lighting brands, it wasn't just about adapting to economic and geopolitical challenges.

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Minka Group

When the Minka Group team decided to revitalize its lighting brands in 2024, it wasn't just about adapting to economic and geopolitical challenges. It was about seizing control where they could: crafting innovative products, shaping compelling narratives and redefining their approach to the market. From this initiative, “Minka Reimagined,” was born — a transformative collection that symbolizes Minka’s commitment to excellence, joining escalated designs and upgraded materials for its customers and consumers. The collection is imbued with international influence and craftsmanship from the Philippines, India, Italy and Vietnam.

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Innovation has been a driving force behind Minka's transformation. At this year’s Lightovation, the group introduced 340+ new products, and over 40 new collections. Their 2024 lighting brands boast escalated designs, increased scale and upgraded materials. This "Reason For Being" is embedded in the company’s DNA.

“We believe every space needs to be adorned with lighting fixtures that transcend the ordinary,” says Will Cox, VP of Sales and Marketing at Minka Group. “With this revitalization, we wanted to create a ‘Theme for the Newness.’ Our new fixtures are sourced from the Philippines and India, which we hope will bring a unique flavor and energy to the market and elevate any space. There’s a great story to tell.”

With each new fixture in the Minka family comes a commitment to using natural raw materials that are hand-crafted with an artisan approach. From the Elsa fixture featuring a combination of faux rock crystal sourced from the Philippines, to the Moradabad handcrafted in India with a hand-pierced shade, each piece reflects meticulous attention to detail and an artisanal approach.

“Every space deserves to be adorned with lighting fixtures that transcend the ordinary and create an environment that resonates with style and substance,” says Cox. “Natural and raw materials play a significant role in the newness for 2024. Rock crystal, alabaster, natural rope, coconut shells, capiz shells and quartz crystalline are all used in our 2024 release."

These materials both enhance the aesthetics, and align with Minka's shift toward sustainability and authenticity.

“Branch Reality and Atella from Minka Lavery are great examples of this,” he says. “They both have a significant level of detail. Branch Reality’s hand hammered branches create free-flowing light clusters. The hand hammered detail is carried throughout the fixture, including the canopy. Same with Atella. Additionally, with Atella, we integrated the crystal element into the distributor to create a cleaner look to add to the detail. It’s about the little touches.”

In addition to its commitment to the artisanal story, Minka is also focused on remaining-showroom centric. The team hopes its escalated designs and upgraded material speaks volumes versus the competition within the market.


“This is a time like no other time in showroom and retail history,” Cox says. “We understand that our showroom partners are not the only game in town for their consumers.  There is a lot of competition that they face every day.  But we recognize that they have a reason for being for their consumers. We want to partner with them on giving that true experience and concise message to them.”

Customers can expect the new products to be available for purchase by the end of March, offering them a chance to transform their spaces with Minka's distinctive lighting solutions. As for the future, the Minka team plans to continue bringing new and exciting decorative lighting to the showroom community that will inspire, energize and accelerate the relationship with its clientele.

“That is why we design, develop, manufacture, market and distribute fine, value-added decorative lighting and ceiling fans,” says Cox. “Moving forward we will continue to invest in our clients' business, and give them the best chance to be successful.” 

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