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Moe's Home Collection Takes Market Approach with New Headquarter Showroom

Beginning on May 9th, Moe's Home Collection's newly renovated HQ Showroom is set to offer a tradeshow and design hub experience.

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Moe's Home Collection
The new Moe's Headquarter Showroom is designed to host markets.

Moe’s Home Collection has announced the opening of their headquarter showroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where the brand is  headquartered. More than just a tradeshow experience, their HQ Showroom will be host to Vancouver Market, offering  their exceptional 360° service to wholesale clients, designers and customers with year-round viewing, appointments, special events, private tours and bi-annual markets held in May and September. This sizeable investment underscores the  brand’s forward-thinking, customer-centric approach.  

“We are ecstatic to be launching our new showroom at our headquarters in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia,”  states Sara Samieian, Co-CEO of Moe’s Home Collection. “At over 30,000 square feet, this space allows us to feature our  newest introductions, expanded lines and curated selections while forecasting upcoming industry trends for the years to  come. Additionally, this showroom is a chance for our partners, clients and design community from around the globe to  collaborate more freely and effectively with our entire team at their disposal.”  

The new showroom affords the unique opportunity to connect with and work alongside MHC’s Sales, Product Development,  Visual, Marketing & Operations Teams, with many other resources readily available. This exclusive access grants  unprecedented insight and input into the production process as their Product Development Team designs a vast amount  of products in-house alongside dedicated vendors located worldwide. This team forecasts foreword, intuitive to trends,  lifestyles and the changing needs of people and homes, they often develop products one, two and sometimes three years in  advance.  

The HQ showroom will be the epicenter for inspiration, fresh ideas & expert advice that will keep their customers at the  forefront of the industry. As Maura Dineen, Moe’s Home Collection’s Product Development Manager, explains. “Our HQ  Showroom allows our teams to collaborate even closer with our clients. We will be sharing our latest innovations and new  introductions in an immersive showroom environment that will facilitate creativity, community and partnership.” 

A great advantage to this up close and personal treatment is that visitors to the showroom will be able to view what is new before the products are even sent to High Point & Las Vegas Markets. This space will house an extensive range of  inbound and in-stock products spanning all style categories, many of which are exclusively designed for MHC by their  partnered and in-house designers.  

“I am extremely excited to have the HQ Showroom available to host our accounts year-round. This incredible space  allows us to work one-on-one with our partners concerning product development and planning without the hustle and bustle  of traditional markets,” says Leigh Kalvelage, Director of Key Accounts at Moe’s Home Collection. 

Overlooking the beautiful North Shore Mountains, this multifaceted space takes on unmistakable influences from nature, working in shape, warmth, materiality and tactility to provide an authentic, connective experience. Arches positioned  throughout are a key, unifying architectural element that lends to the concept of deriving comfort from curves, the shapes  our eyes are drawn to. All thoughtfully laid out details work in concert to create a memorable experience for the end-user. 

Other architectural highlights include: 
• An eye-drawing chair gallery  
• A built-in accessory wall 
• Greenery as a focal point  
• Plastered archways 
• A beautiful bar and island installation 
• Key materials include repurposed and thoughtfully curated mixed materials as well as plaster, oak tambour, concrete  and marble 

Joe Eckersley, Visual Planning Manager at Moe’s Home Collection, sums up the design direction. “This creative space is a harbor for design, expression & discovery — an exhibit of brand direction, development and experimentation. With the  neutrality of a painter’s canvas, this space allows our products to take center stage.” 

The opening of the HQ showroom coincides with the launch of the new Moe’s Home Collection B2B website. As each  innovation continues to unfold, Moe’s Home Collection remains true to its core values of exceptional client service and inspiring product assortment, believing the foundation of any trusted partnership is conversation, community and connection. 

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