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Moe’s Home Names David Andru as CFO

Full-line North American wholesaler & retailer Moe’s Home Collection appoints acclaimed Vancouver-based executive to CFO, effective for their kickoff of Q2. 

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David Andru, Moe's new Chief Financial Officer.
David Andru, Moe's new Chief Financial Officer.

Moe’s Home Collection has announced that David Andru has been named their new Chief Financial Officer. Bringing a proven track record to this position, Andru is an experienced & diligent management professional with the ability to identify, develop & smoothly implement changes within a company that directly impact profitability. 

“We are thrilled to have Dave join the Moe’s team,” said Moe Jr. Samieian, co-CEO of Moe’s Home Collection. “He brings a stellar reputation of delivering concrete outcomes with impactful value. Dave is a tremendous executive whose skillset blends strategic discipline, operational know-how & broader insights. He has shown the innate ability to maintain quality, encourage self-development within his team & articulate what is possible to create something meaningful that a small, committed team would otherwise think was not achievable. We are confident that as our new CFO, Dave’s well-honed experience will bear transformative  results & look forward to executing our shared vision of sustainable, long-term growth.” 

David Andru’s financial career spans 28 years, starting as an individual contributor & moving to manager, leader &  executive roles with some noteworthy growth companies, including Westbeach, Lululemon, Kit & Ace & most recently,  Lush. Some of the most significant deliverables have been the ability to create a pathway to success for passionate  businesses, sometimes with little resources. The adherence to a core set of principles has been critical & allowed Dave to  have the judiciousness to know when to grow & the insights to know when to contract. 

As Director of Finance at Lush Handmade Cosmetics Ltd., Andru broadened his knowledge of & dedication to ethical &  sustainable business practices. He helped navigate ethically & respectfully through the temporary closures of the stores,  the office & the factories during the height of the COVID crisis. During his tenure, he initiated scheduled development  training for the team each month, providing support & mentoring. His commitment to internal development paid dividends  as the team became known as a high-performing partner to the business.

“Having been part of several growth companies allows me to see a path forward - what it takes to be efficient & how  to be effective as a large business. I try to bring the right amount of order to chaos at the right time. I’m excited to join  MHC amid considerable opportunity, “says Andru. “I came up from Payables Clerk to Accountant, Controller, Director  & CFO. My career has been hands-on. I’ve always been committed to learning & supporting people & companies to  do their best work. I want to deliver on finance must-haves, like timely, accurate & relevant information while providing  insights, stewardship of the company assets & staying as agile as possible to not unnecessarily slow down the front end.” 

The CFO distills his role into two imperatives, “it’s about providing a view of the future that can ensure we are moving  forward with eyes wide open & building a team that is challenged but also supported to succeed.”  

As CFO, David Andru will lead finance, planning & analysis with responsibility & oversight for all financial reporting.  Additionally, he will be in charge of asset/liability management, budget & forecasting & financial planning needs &  treasury management. He will also function as the primary interface for all banking, tax & audit stakeholders. Further,  he will contribute to strategic & operational matters & decisions to ensure that there is a balance between growth/entrepreneurialism, prudent risk management & that appropriate consideration is given to operational & financial implications.  

In Andru, Moe’s Home Collection has found a CFO who shares its values & vision. The company is confident that he will  be instrumental in developing effective strategies to focus long-term efforts, spearheading forward-looking initiatives for  many years to come. 

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