More Than 100 New Showrooms to Debut at High Point Market

An additional 75 showrooms have expanded or relocated for market.

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International Market Centers (IMC) announced this week the openings of more than 100 new showrooms at High Point Market

New showrooms include:

1429 Furniture SAMS G-6021 Salon
American Made Silks SHOW 2317
AM Home Textiles SAMS M-1033
Angel Line SAMS M-1028
ASP and Company SAMS T-814
Auskin USA Inc. IHFC H417
Barrel-Art SAMS T-610
Bed Dress by Penucha SAMS T-830
Belle Meade Hospitality SAMS T-472
Bennett Galleries MS 113
Bivona & Company MS 307
BruTex MST 370
BY FLY SAMS G-7056 Salon
Carroll Companies SAMS T-830
CCF - Custom Contact Furnishings SAMS T-467
Ceramicarte Deruta SAMS G-7055 Salon
Clouds Alpaca SAMS M-1037
Common Ground Distributors MS 288
Creation Flooring Inc. IHFC G367
Creative Matters Inc. SAMS M-1043
Cuddledown SAMS T-822
Culp Hospitality SAMS T-463
Culp Upholstery Fabric - Division of Culp Inc. MST 405
Domitalia 220 Elm 308
Dowel Furniture IHFC IH506 InterHall
Efhe Fuar Danismanligi Ve Dis Ticaret LTD Tugara Rugs IHFC M413
Eurø Style Contract SAMS T-460
Face to Face Designs SAMS M-2033
Faustine Furniture SAMS M-2035
Ferro Designs MS G-69 ADC
Ford Art & Antiques MS G-62a, 65 ADC
Friedman Brothers Mirrors 200 N. Hamilton 102
Furniture Solutions Network SAMS T-839
Fusion Furniture PS 406
GQ Gallery IHFC D508
Great American Finance FP 518
Greentouch USA PS 1-542
Green Apple Home Style SAMS G-7056 Salon
Handknotted MS 290
Harkiss Designs SAMS T-907
Health Mate FP 618
Hite House SAMS M-5031
Home Textiles India SAMS M-8007
Honour Collection SAMS G-7004 Salon
Hubbardton Forge SAMS M-7053
IE Furniture SAMS T-471
Ikat Jewelry SAMS T-903
Impressions Vanity SAMS T-810
Interiors with Provenance MS G-29 ADC
It’s All About An Idea SAMS T-917
Ivena International SAMS M-4060
Ivy Luxury Bath Essential SAMS T-824
J & M Antiques MS G-4 ADC
JLF Collections SAMS T-481
Johanna Howard Home SAMS M-5017
J Star IHFC M632
Kenneth Cobonpue IHFC IH202 InterHall
Kim Salmela for Norwalk SAMS G-6055 Salon
Knock On Wood MS G-66 ADC
Lane Venture MST 114
Lechuza SAMS T-611
Lenzi Marble Attitude IHFC IH503 InterHall
Lily’s Living SAMS G-1036, G-3015
L’Objet Bleu MS G-30c ADC
Masaya and Co. SAMS G-7044 Salon
Mended Metals SAMS M-3038
Michael & Co MS G-4 ADC
Minted Art SAMS M-2029
MyLease Powered by Mollie Financial PS 1-531A
Northwoods Artistry SAMS T-722
Nash Fine Art SAMS M-7001
Ornek Hali Tekstil Sanayi Ticaret LTD. IHFC M413
Orijinal SAMS T-901
Ozzio Italia 220 Elm 330
P’kolino IHFC IH200 InterHall
Pezzan USA 220 Elm 308
Potterton Books MS G-1b ADC
R Mended Metals SAMS M-3038
RONA Glassworks SAMS T-477
Scott Living by Greentouch Home PS 1-542
SE7E SAMS G-7054 Salon
Seera Creative SAMS T-813
Smart Flex USA PS 1-540
Smart.Market SAMS T-838
Society Social SAMS G-6047 Salon
Sono Inspired SHOW 3446
Spence Collection MS G-17 ADC
Springs Creative MST 401
Stacy Furniture PS 1-559
Studio 67 SAMS M-6009
Suzanne Nicoll Studio SAMS M-7007
The Little Birdie SAMS T-807
Toss It Curbside SAMS T-840
Twelve31Jewels SAMS T-902
Unique Loom Handknotted MS 290
Urban Barnwood Furniture IHFC D1110
Warehouse 2120 SAMS M-1029
X8 Chairs SAMS G-7054 Salon
Yarn & Loom MST 380
Zentique SAMS G-6007 Salon

For more information on exhibitors, visit

1429 Furniture , American Made Silks, AM Home Textiles , Angel Line , ASP and Company, Auskin USA Inc. , BAI , Barrel-Art, Bed Dress by Penucha , Belle Meade Hospitality, Bennett Galleries , Bivona & Company , BRADLEY, BruTex , BY FLY , Carroll Companies , CCF - Custom Contact Furnishings, Ceramicarte Deruta , Clouds Alpaca , Common Ground Distributors , COOHOM, Creation Flooring Inc. , Creative Matters Inc. , Cuddledown, Culp Hospitality, Culp Upholstery Fabric, Domitalia, Dowel Furniture , Efhe Fuar Danismanligi Ve Dis Ticaret LTD Tugara Rugs, Eurø Style Contract , Face to Face Designs, Faustine Furniture , Ferro Designs, Ford Art & Antiques , Freeline Home, Friedman Brothers Mirrors, Furniture Solutions Network , Fusion Furniture, GQ Gallery, Great American Finance, Greentouch USA , Green Apple Home Style, Handknotted , Harkiss Designs , Health Mate, Hite House, Home Textiles India, Honour Collection, Hubbardton Forge, IE Furniture, Ikat Jewelry , Impressions Vanity , Interiors with Provenance, It’s All About An Idea , Ivena International, Ivy Luxury Bath Essential , J & M Antiques , JLF Collections, Johanna Howard Home , J Star, Kenneth Cobonpue , Kim Salmela for Norwalk, Knock On Wood, Lane Venture, Lechuza , Lenzi Marble Attitude, Lily’s Living , L’Objet Bleu, Masaya and Co. , Mended Metals, Michael & Co , Minted Art , MyLease Powered by Mollie Financial, Northwoods Artistry , Nash Fine Art , Ornek Hali Tekstil Sanayi Ticaret LTD., Orijinal, Ozzio Italia, P’kolino , Pezzan USA, Potterton Books, R Mended Metals , RONA Glassworks, Scott Living by Greentouch Home, SE7E , Seera Creative, Smart Flex USA, Smart.Market , Society Social , Sono Inspired , Spence Collection , Springs Creative, Stacy Furniture, Studio 67 , Suzanne Nicoll Studio , The Little Birdie , Toss It Curbside , Twelve31Jewels, Unique Loom Handknotted, Urban Barnwood Furniture, Warehouse 2120 , X8 Chairs , Yarn & Loom , Zentique

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