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Nathan Anthony Expands Furniture-Inspired NFT Collection

Nathan Anthony has added 12 new digital collectibles to its NFT line based on the company's furniture.

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Nathan Anthony Bubble NFT
One of its more recent NFTs recreates an iconic Nathan Anthony sofa style with bubbles.

Custom upholstery resource Nathan Anthony Furniture launches an expanded collection of limited edition digital collectibles available for purchase through the company’s website.

At the Spring 2022 High Point Market, Nathan Anthony Creative Director and Co-founder Tina Nicole was the first manufacturer to introduce NFT art, based on a physical chair. Since then, she has continued to reimagine some of her best-selling furniture designs as digital artworks.

Adding to the five original chair NFTs, 12 new collectibles challenge traditional upholstery production constraints through the power of generative 3D design. A variety of seating styles are rendered to feature unconventional applications of stone, metal, wood — and even bath bubbles — to replace typical foam padding and textiles. Among the more inventive applications using CAD parametric animation is one digital artwork inspired by a “wrestling” sea anemone.

“We’re looking at what the future may hold for our signature furniture designs while still keeping our feet firmly planted on the factory floor,” says Nicole, whose primary business is producing custom upholstery for interior designers and high end dealers. “If there’s an incremental opportunity for revenue or to expand our audience, we want to be there.”

“The next generation of consumers are creating avatars and purchasing virtual products to reflect their personal style in the Metaverse,” adds Nicole. “That’s a new customer for us, along with the growing audience of digital art collectors.”

Showcased on a dedicated page at nafurniture.com, sales of Nathan Anthony digital furniture artworks are transacted through OpenSea.io, an NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain.

As an early adopter of Web3 exploration, Nicole will appear as a guest panelist for the KBIS Disruptor series talk moderated by Tonic Head of Community Jaime Derringer in Las Vegas, Feb. 2.

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