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Nourison Home's Custom Rug Program: A Bespoke Experience

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Customization is key to creating unique and personalized spaces. Nourison Home has taken this concept to heart with its custom rug program, offering customers a seamless, fast and tailored experience from start to finish. Through the program, Nourison Home simplifies the process of ordering a custom rug, educates customers on the process — and ensures orders are out the door in two weeks or less. 

The Perfect Rug

Customers begin by selecting a design and color from Nourison Home's extensive collection of broadloom styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary and crafted from high-quality wool and wool blends. With displays in showrooms and quality samples available, customers can see and feel the materials before purchasing. They then choose a shape, including rectangles, squares, circles, octagons, runners, ovals and even freeform shapes (which require a shape pattern from a designer).

Customers can also upload their own images to Nourison Home’s website to get a better feel for the rug they’re looking for.

“We have a robust room visualizer on our website that allows customers to upload their own images and see how various sized rugs and carpets fit a space,” says Giovanni Marra, VP of marketing and creative at Nourison Home. “Currently it only allows for rectangles and rounds, but future releases will allow for other shapes as well.”Once the shape is selected, customers choose the size of their finished rug, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.

“Sizes can range from small circles, to oversized rectangular rugs,” says Marra. “There is also an option to order a custom sized rug pad that can be attached to the rug, or sent separately.”


To add a unique touch, customers can also select a finishing option for the edges of their rugs, including machine serging, hand serging and cotton binding. Machine serging provides a durable finish using the same yarns as the rug, while hand serging offers a smaller, more refined edge. Canvas binding is also available for many flat woven designs, providing an organic look that adds character and durability to the rug.

Once the order is placed, Nourison Home begins fabricating the rug at its Georgia-based facility. Rugs are crafted and shipped in two weeks or less. 

“Our program makes it easy for dealers and designers to select the right style with their customers and order their custom rug on our website,” Marra says. “Many of our dealers have displays in their showrooms with quality samples for customers to see and feel before purchasing. We can also provide samples for dealers and designers before they place their order. The ordering process only takes a few minutes.”

Nourison has fulfilled many unique custom orders, including rectangular rugs that were longer or wider than standard sizes and custom shapes to fit unusual spaces. One standout design was a rug crafted to fit a New York apartment.

“The client needed a triangular rug to fit an apartment that had a slanted wall,” Marra says. “The rug we crafted tapered to a point, and perfectly fit the space.”

Nourison Home's custom rug program offers customers a truly bespoke experience, allowing the team to create a rug that is not only beautiful but also perfectly tailored to any space and style. With a simplified ordering process, quick turnaround time and a wide range of customization options, the group is setting a new standard for custom rug experiences.

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