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Odette Names 5 Interior Designers to Its Ambassadors Program

The Odette inaugural Cultural Ambassadors program has tapped five interior designers to help build the brand's presence in the design community. 

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Odette Cultural Ambassadors
Clockwise from Top Left: Christopher Todd, Cheryl Luckett, Noel Gatts, and Everick and Lisa Brown.

Odette is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural Odette Cultural Ambassadors. This pioneering initiative is set to amplify the brand's presence in the design industry, showcasing its commitment to exceptional aesthetics and unparalleled quality. 

In a strategic move to foster deeper connections within the interior design community, Odette has partnered with an elite group of renowned interior designers to serve as its Cultural Ambassadors. These include: 

  • Cheryl Luckett of Dwell by Cheryl 
  • Christopher Todd of Christopher Todd Design 
  • Everick and Lisa Brown of Everick Brown Design 
  • Noel Gatts of beam&bloom Interiors 

Each ambassador brings a unique perspective and aesthetic that beautifully complements Odette's product line. 
“'I’m ecstatic to have been invited to be an Odette Ambassador!” expressed Gatts, HGTV Host & Founder of beam&bloom Interiors. “As a character driven designer, I am focused on finding unique, personalized and soul filled pieces, and to consider their impact on the planet and the overall well being of my clients.” 

The Odette Cultural Ambassadors program aims to bridge the gap between artistry and audience, offering a fresh and innovative way to experience Odette's meticulously curated collections. By integrating Odette's furnishings into their distinctive design projects, these ambassadors will highlight the versatility and adaptability of the brand's offerings across a variety of aesthetic preferences. Through their influential social media platforms, show houses, trade show engagement, and interior design projects, the ambassadors will shine a spotlight on the brand's ability to transcend traditional design boundaries. 

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Odette Culture Ambassador Program,” stated Lisa and Everick Brown. “At Everick Brown Design we equate our style to language and describe it as multilingual. Odette is our multilingual resource for classic and modern pieces.” 

The selection of these five ambassadors was a careful process, focusing on their alignment with Odette's vision and their ability to showcase the brand's products through different design lenses. Their work will emphasize Odette's dedication to creating pieces that are not only visually stunning but also resonate on a personal level with clients, showcasing the brand's ability to blend form, function, and soulful storytelling. 

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