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Oliver Gal Box Me Collection Exceeds Expectations

The Oliver Gal Box Me collection showcases eight unique wall art designs with limited edition appeal of only 50 pieces each.

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Oliver Gal Box Me collection
Box Me from Oliver Gal includes art with gummy bears and cherries, for example.

Oliver Gal has announced the success of its exclusive new collection, Box Me. This limited-edition 3D art series has already resonated with Oliver Gal’s trade partners and target audiences by exceeding initial sales expectations and setting a new benchmark for craftsmanship and creativity in the art and interior design industries. 

Since its mid-January 2024 launch, Oliver Gal’s ‘Box Me’ collection achieved remarkable success in just the first week, with more than 10 percent of the product already sold through solely organic social efforts and heightened interest and engagement. 

“We aimed to create something truly exclusive to ensure that each owner becomes part of an elite group that dares to break the boundaries of conventional wall decor,” said Ana Sánchez-Gal, Oliver Gal CEO. “We could not be more thrilled at the response we have seen thus far and know that this is just the beginning.” 

The ‘Box Me’ collection features eight unique designs, each limited to only 50 pieces. Each design in the ‘Box Me’ collection reveals a whimsical 3D pattern of carefully selected objects, from glossy cherries to colorful gummy bears.

Thoughtfully encased within a deep wooden frame and protected by a plexiglass panel, these artworks make a bold statement, sure to captivate attention with their striking display. The collection offers a remarkable experience for those who seek to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and promises to leave a lasting impression on interior designers and art collectors alike. 

“I wanted to challenge the notion of traditional art, to break free from the canvas prints and create something deeply immersive,” said Lola Sánchez, creative director at Oliver Gal. “I'm very proud that Oliver Gal’s 3D art is unmatched by any other and that the designs are being embraced by our consumers.” 

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