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Out on Safari

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Gilded Home brass animal collection
A butterfly from Gilded Home's brass animal collection

No need to bring binoculars: These 10 decorative accessories stood out at market, and now they want to show off their sense of style. 


Studio A Home Safari animal figurines

These five Safari animal figurines from Studio A Home look striking together, but can also be spread out across a room. Each figurine is made of gold-finished ceramic with an electroplated glaze. www.studioa-home.com


Zuo Mod gold accent tray

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. These monkeys have it all covered, providing the right accent for Zuo Mod’s gold accent tray. www.zuomod.com


Howard Elliott cheetah statue

This cheetah statue from Howard Elliott features a carved style, and it’s textured to give the cat a tribal look. Its rich java brown color is accented with merlot red highlights, which polish off the look. www.howardelliott.com


Harp & Finial Pachy elephant statue

An elephant never forgets a room. Harp & Finial’s Pachy elephant statue is made of ceramic and finished in Copper. www.harpandfinial.com


Gilded Home brass animal butterfly

Part of Gilded Home’s brass animal collection, this beautifully detailed butterfly has been carefully molded from genuine brass into this stunning piece and then coated with a finish protectant. www.gildedhome.com


Sagebrook Home modern gazelle figurine

Sagebrook Home’s modern gazelle figurine stands proudly at 14.5 inches tall. Crafted of polyresin in brown and gold. www.sagebrookhome.com

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