Pantone's Color of the Year Home Design Tips

Houzz has compiled a list of ways to incorporate the color into home design.

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Lauren Andersen, Houzz
Lauren Andersen, Houzz

Following Pantone's 2022 Color of the Year announcement, Houzz has compiled a list of ways to incorporate the color, Very Peri, into home design based on their community of 65 million homeowners, and 2.7 million home professionals.

  • Kitchens: Renovating homeowners often choose to give their kitchens a pop of color with contrasting kitchen island cabinets, according to the 2021 Houzz Kitchen Trends Report. Houzz has seen homeowners use periwinkle on lower perimeter cabinets or an island base, which gives the space an energetic infusion of color.

  • Bedroom: Purples and blues are considered calm and restful colors, making them top choices for a bedroom. Find Very Peri silky sheets, soft rugs and elegant lamps to transform your room at the Houzz Shop

  • Bathroom: Periwinkle hues can similarly turn a bathroom into a comforting sanctuary for rest and relaxation, which, according to the 2021 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, is the goal for more than two in five renovating homeowners (41%). 

  • Exterior: Periwinkle also works well outside of the home and you can commit to varying levels of the color, from painting the complete siding to injecting a playful color in the trim or front door. 

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