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The Pearl Collective Debuts Interior Design Findings & Insights Report

The Pearl Collective, along with Interior Talent, debuts its findings on interior design salary, fees and competing for talented employees. 

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Pearl collective findings and insights survey
The Pearl Collective (Gail Doby) has released its interior designer Findings & Insights Report.

As a way to give back to the industry and enlighten design professionals and manufacturers, The Pearl Collective, formerly known as Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, in conjunction with Interior Talent, a leading architectural and design recruitment firm, has released the full comprehensive survey results from Findings & Insights, 2022 Interior Designers Survey on Fees, Salaries and Competing for Talent. This complimentary report shares the detailed findings about the state of the industry issues gleaned from data collected from nearly 1000 surveys completed by interior design business owners. The report, designed to help designers and manufacturers become more successful in working together, examines notable findings concerning the impacts of the changes and challenges that the current economy has had on the interior designer business. The full results can be downloaded at Pearl Collective’s Findings & Insights website.

Pearl Collective, a highly regarded group of business experts and coaches for professional designers and firms, fielded the national survey throughout the summer of 2022, querying the full breadth of the interior design community including both small and large firms, from start-ups to long-term veterans and those earning modest revenues to those with revenue of more than $5 million. The company’s first since before the pandemic, the results of the study offer actionable insights that provide the interior design community and the designer-focused manufacturers with data-driven intelligence to shape their future business decisions.

“For the Findings & Insights report we surveyed interior designers about how their business was progressing along with what specific challenges they were facing and what they are doing to address those challenges,” said Erin Weir, Co-founder of Pearl Collective. “In addition, we asked about hiring new staff, what challenges they were encountering with the hiring process along with the salary and benefit levels their employees were asking for. To make it easy to review and digest we organized the report into major topics at three levels: key findings, general findings and a “deeper dive” which examines notable findings about subsets of respondents such a firm size, levels of sales, number of employees and residential or commercial. The final section offers observations and insights into how the findings can be applied to business planning and decision-making.”

“Our goal for this report was to help designers and company owners navigate the ever-changing business landscape by learning from others about topics that are relevant to strategically developing their business and uncovering future growth opportunities,” added Gail Doby, co-founder of Pearl Collective. “Our next 2023 survey questions will be available for designers to answer this spring with the final full report available later in the year.”

Interior Talent is the Pearl sponsor of the survey. Gold sponsors include Client Expander, Accounting Frontier and Stemper & Associates. Media sponsors include Business of Home, Furniture Lighting & Décor, High Point Market Authority and The Home Trust. Referral Partners include ASID, Christina Juarez & Company, High Point x Design, Lexington Home Brands, Return on Interiors and TMM The Media Matters.

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