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The Re-Imaginist: BOBO Intriguing Objects

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BOBO Intriguing Objects' design philosophy is rooted in the reproduction of antiques and unique found objects.

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When we walk into a showroom, we’ve often wondered what inspired a home furnishings collection, or even a standout product. Since late last year, Hooker Furnishings' decision to add BOBO Intriguing Objects to its portfolio has kept customers asking the same thing. Beginning in the Fall of 2023, the marriage of Hooker Furnishings and BOBO has broadened its product diversity into new home categories, and enabled Hooker Furnishings to expand its portfolio. New lighting, accessories, textiles and decor segments now position the company as a "one-stop" resource across an even broader range of categories for the home.

BOBO Intriguing Objects' design philosophy is rooted in the reproduction of antiques and unique found objects. Mark Sage, the founder — also known as “The Re-Imaginist,” — draws inspiration from these found objects and furnishings, often showcasing his discoveries to designers and buyers across the country.

When everyone wants the same item, Sage says that’s the greatest indicator that he’s found something special.

“I've brought back thousands of containers of antiques and I have one trick,” he says. “Let’s say I see a chair in Europe in some barn — considering that I've seen thousands of chairs in my lifetime — if there's an element to it that's unique or cool or something that I haven't seen before, it’s that feeling — where my heart jumps — that I know I’m onto something. When an interior designer from LA and an interior designer from New York are both fighting over this one chair, I know I’ve got an opportunity for a reproduction!”

Once the item is reproduced, Sage can enjoy sharing the same sense of excitement and that "one of a kind" find with more than just one person.

“With a single antique, that interaction can only happen once,” he says.

BOBO caters to a diverse audience, ranging in style from mid-century to Art Deco, modern to vintage. The products are not only unique but also timeless, each with a story to tell.

“These types of items cater to design-savvy consumers who are looking to add character and a story within their homes,” Sage says. “They can sometimes be the ‘finishing touch’ in a space or the focal point that the whole room is built upon.”

An avid collector of intriguing objects himself, Sage has spent the last twenty years traveling to over 50 countries in search of discovering one-of-a-kind pieces and reimagining them with a new story. He continues to grow BOBO’s “cabinet of curiosities” by adding new stories to every space.

“My travels have taken me to centuries-old French churches, out-of-the-way Italian kitchens, village shops in Sweden and vintage warehouses in ancient cities,” he says. “Through my travels, I’ve developed an eye for what makes something unique or how an item or design element can be reimagined into something new.”

His extensive travel and exploration have greatly influenced BOBO's collections and design approach. In doing this, Sage maintains a balance between preserving the authenticity of antique-inspired designs, and reimagining them with a new story. The product development team reviews each piece with factory partners to ensure authenticity is retained through the reproduction process. Imperfections are often preserved as part of the product DNA, maintaining an artisanal feel and the allure of perfect imperfections.

The integration of BOBO Intriguing Objects benefits both the brand itself, and Hooker Furnishings as a whole. By joining forces, each company can leverage its combined resources and expertise.

“BOBO's product line enables Hooker Furnishings to expand its portfolio into new segments of the industry,” Sage says. “Hooker Furnishings' broad resources also accelerate BOBO's product development and enhance marketing and customer support for the brand.” 

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