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Robin Baron Designs Launches New Website

The new website introduces product and new ways to connect with Robin Baron interior design services. 

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Robin Baron Design
The new Robin Baron Design website will feature product and design services.

When the COVID pandemic hit, the interior design community was affected quickly, leaving many businesses scrambling to make sense of it all. Having just  celebrated her 30th year in business, Robin Baron, together with her Vice President, Yudi Kaufman, analyzed the new business landscape and saw an opportunity. They set off to create an entirely new  business model that would serve both the consumer and trade audiences. What began as a shift into  virtual interior design, offered by the room, or by the hour, a first for Robin, quickly grew into an entire  platform and e-commerce site meant to inspire and educate her customers. Baron and Kaufman  assembled a team of highly skilled consultants to help them build this new website leveraging Robin’s vast industry relationships to curate the best products across a diverse array of categories. The overall  goal is to open up the world of interior design, build community and blossom creativity – to empower people to feel confident in their purchases and develop their own sense of style.  

The products are sourced globally, curated by Robin’s sartorial lens to educate and inspire the  consumers with designer advice, designer guides, signature "Robinisms" and suggestions on using  these products in the user's own home, according to the company. 

The new RobinBaronDesign.com launched with approximately 2,500 SKUs with plans of adding hundreds, and sometimes thousands of new SKUs every month for the first quarter of 2021, introducing new categories and enrichments broadening the site's offerings. All items are searchable by various fields, including Room, Product Category, Colors and Design Style, to name a few, all with clear definitions and imagery to illustrate and educate the casual consumer.

The site will also provide Design Guides available for sale and digital download, and featuring an array of Robin’s Resident Experts to inspire customers while emphasizing Baron's tips and advice. Customers will discover design tips, tricks and advice from Baron and will have access to her design services, available by the hour or by the room, as well as her full scope design capabilities. 
Color and Paint Resident Expert Sherwin-Williams "is proud to collaborate with interior designer Baron by providing the latest color trends and inspiration to help make her vision a reality through the new Robin Baron Design website.” 

Ultimately, this new site is all about providing shoppers with a more well-rounded and educational  experience. "So many companies are all about the product and focused solely on the transactions,"  Baron says. "We wanted a more enriching experience to educate and inspire our customers."  
Explore the new site: https://robinbarondesign.com 

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