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Sagebrook Home Appoints Director of Merchandising

Kendra Wilkins will be responsible for introducing a higher-end lifestyle brand at Sagebrook Home.

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Kendra Wilkins
Kendra Wilkins is the new Director of Merchandising for Sagebrook Home.

Kendra Wilkins joins Sagebrook Home as the new Director of Merchandising. Kendra will be leading an initiative to create a new higher-end lifestyle brand launching Fall 2023, that will offer a high-end and elevated aesthetic. The new brand will have limited distribution and target furniture stores, interior designers, and small retailers. This strategy will help the company reach a new customer base as well as expand market presence into new distribution channels.  

“The mission is to create an innovative and sophisticated product line that appeals to design-forward customers. The new brand focus is to offer proprietary and modern designs at attractive pricing.” said Kendra Wilkins, Director of Merchandising.

Kendra comes with 16 years of product development and merchant experience, which has allowed her to establish many strong factory relationships and sourcing partnerships. She considers factory relations to be a critical aspect of the design process and always approaches vendors with respect. Kendra’s product portfolio consists of curating two successful luxury décor brands with other companies.

“I am beyond excited and believe Kendra will be an instrumental fit to produce our anticipated higher-end brand that our customers will fall in love with. Kendra’s industry experience and knowledge will help Sagebrook Home go in the right direction for the curation of the new brand.” said Jason Kachan, CEO of Sagebrook Home.

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