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Serena Dugan and Erik Lindstrom Debut New Rug Collection

The new Erik Lindstrom rug collection is based on Serena Dugan art. 

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Serena Dugan Rug
The Condesa in the Peony colorway is one of three designs by Serena Dugan for Erik Lindstrom.

Erik Lindstrom has announced the launch of a new rug collection designed by artist and textile designer Serena Dugan. 

Launching September 2022, the rug collection, which is part of the Artisan Collection for the company, came to fruition through the duo’s love for colorful design and art. Lindstrom found inspiration in Serena Dugan Studio’s Condesa pattern, a design inspired by the work of Luis Barragan, the mid-century Mexican architect known for his geometric and colorful homes. 

Through the love of Barragan’s work, both Dugan and Lindstrom identified the simple geometric forms and bold colors to create this collection. From the beginning, Lindstrom wanted to celebrate Dugan’s work as a fine arts painter, not just a textile designer. That point of reference has helped shape the collection as a whole. The result is beautifully crafted designs using a shared love for Mexico City and its vibrant modernism.

“Erik’s rugs are true works of art in their own right, so the prospect of me blending my own art into these beautifully crafted pieces had me thrilled,” said Dugan. “From the start, Erik asked me for designs that would represent me as an artist; a call to action that really brought my creativity to the forefront and allowed us to bring to life three beautifully created patterns for this collection.” 

For the past two years, the duo has worked diligently to encapsulate Dugan’s expression and dynamic artwork into this collection of rugs, blending her artistic genius with the talent of craftspeople — through generations honing their craft — that create these heirloom pieces. 
“I first became aware of Serena Dugan with the launch of her textile company in 2020, but noticed her work as a painter through a deep dive into the Serena Dugan Studio website,” Lindstrom said. “Serena’s paintings are both colorful and graphic; two things that I look for when designing a rug collection.” 

Named after iconic neighborhoods throughout Mexico City, the Serena Dugan and Erik Lindstrom collection includes Condesa, Polanco and Roma. The three designs are offered in four colorways, and can be customized by the customer. 

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