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Shine On! 4 Tips for Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier

Joshua Marshal from WeGotLites shares his best sparkle-preserving pointers.

Jennifer Pinto
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dining room with a Schonbek chandelier
This Century chandelier from Schonbek may be suitable for everyday glamour, but keeping it clean doesn’t have to feel like a chore. 

Above a rustic farmhouse dining table. Over a gorgeous marble kitchen countertop. Above a vintage claw foot tub. A crystal chandelier can lend unexpected glamour and whimsy to high-traffic spaces, making even the most mundane household tasks seem luxurious. Well, that’s the dream anyway. In real life, humidity, grease and oil can turn that glorious sparkle into a dull reality.

But don’t despair, with a little tender loving care, your crystal-loving customers can keep their chandeliers shining like new. 

Joshua Marshal, Chief Executive Officer of WeGotLites in Staten Island, NY, knows a thing or two about keeping crystal chandeliers looking their best. About 40 percent of his warehouse-turned-showroom is dedicated to crystal fixtures from companies like Crystorama, James R Moder and the showroom CEO’s own eponymous line. So, there are plenty of places for dust to collect. 

“To keep the dust at bay, we do a light cleaning with a feather duster every day," Marshal said. “Then we do a big cleaning where we spray down all the surfaces with Sparkle Plenty cleaner and wipe down the metal and glass with a soft cloth.”

Marshal recommends that his customers follow a similar (though slightly more realistic) cleaning regimen at home. Here are his tips for keeping crystal chandeliers in tip-top shape:

1. Don’t let dust settle in and get comfy.

For most folks, dusting every day would be a huge chore. Dusting once a week and big cleanings twice a year is a more manageable plan. For the deep cleans, check out these instructions for both wet and dry methods. 

2. Put safety first.

At the very least, turn off the power, and if there are other people coming and going during cleaning time, put a piece of tape over the wall switch to discourage someone from turning it back on. To be extra safe, switch off the circuit breaker all together. But leave the light bulbs screwed in place, Marshall advises. “You don’t want cleaner getting into the socket.” 

3. Get eye level with the crystal.

In high-end residences or homes with really high ceilings, Marshal recommends that customers install their fixtures with a hoisting system, so they can lower their chandelier for on-the-ground cleanings and maintenance. For lower ceilings, customers may just want to leave their chandelier where it is and use a ladder to get up close and personal with any dirt.

4. Protect the work area.

Lay a thick blanket or towel on the ground beneath the chandelier. Not only will it soften the fall should any crystals take a dive, it’ll also catch any dust bunnies and droplets of cleaner that drip off the fixture during a big cleaning. 

Bonus tip for retailers: Don’t make your customers search high and low for the best cleaner. Assert your expertise on all things crystal by stocking what they’ll need to keep their new crystal chandelier sparkling for years to come. 

When it comes to crystal chandeliers, what are your customers most concerned with?

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