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Shower in Style: How U by Moen Is Taking Smart Technology to the Shower

Moen’s product manager gives us an inside look at the new smart showing system.

By Alison Martin
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The shower gets an update with U by Moen.
The shower gets an update with U by Moen.

It truly is the time to be alive when you can control your morning shower in between hitting the snooze button. This year, Moen launched the first Wi-Fi/cloud-based app driven digital shower system – U by Moen – and interior designers and customer builders may start getting requests for it from clients.

U by Moen takes showering to a whole new level. Once installed, users can download the app and start customizing their showering experiences. They can start their showers from the U by Moen shower app and create presets for different temperatures and lengths. When the water reaches a desired temperature, users can pause the shower using the warm-up mode feature on the app until they’re ready to get in. The shower length feature keeps users on their morning schedules and limits water waste.

The idea of connectivity inspired product manager Michael Poloha to bring the concept to the bathroom.

“Consumers have a desire to be connected throughout their home, including home heating/cooling, sound or lighting systems,” Poloha explains, “and at Moen, we thought why not connect water? How can we improve the overall experience with water by adding the benefit of smart technology?”

The U by Moen system works best with renovations and new construction, which is why interior designers and customer and new construction builders may see this system more and more. The system includes a valve, which controls the mix of hot and cold water, and a controller, the digital reader on the bathroom wall that connects with the app and sends data to the valve. 

U by Moen Controller
The U by Moen controller allows homeowners to customize their showers to their liking.

The warm-up mode is controlled through the app. Users can turn their showers on via app and let the water warm to the preset temperature. When it’s finished, the app will notify the user, who can pause the shower until he or she is ready to shower.

The valve and controller replace the existing knobs in the shower, so users will no longer be able to twist a knob to turn the water on or off. The valve and controller must be connected to one another, but Poloha says homeowners have some flexibility with installation. A data cable running up to 30 feet in length connects the two, and the controller can be placed almost anywhere around the bathroom.  

“The valve does need to be connected to a GFCI outlet,” Poloha says, “and the only other requirement is that the valve is accessible, not completely closed behind a wall.”

What Poloha loves about the shower system is the remote activation mechanism and the ability to create presets.

With the preset function, the possibilities are endless.

“I have one for in the morning before work, one for after I get back from the gym and a lower water temperature setting for my kids, as well,” Poloha says.

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