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Steelyard Adds New Tools and Features

Steelyard has developed, refined and added a new Collaboration feature, a one-click Purchase Order tool and an exclusive Click & Keep tool. 

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Just in time for the October High Point Market, Steelyard has announced new time-saving features and tools. Of note, Steelyard has developed, refined and added a new Collaboration feature, a one-click Purchase Order tool and an exclusive Click & Keep tool, all created to make the complicated business of interior design a simpler, more efficient landscape. Plus, they are all free for designers to use. Learn more about these offerings by stopping by their new Airstream RV hangout located on the corner of Commerce and Wrenn, adjacent to The Point, during the High Point Market, Friday, Oct. 18 - Tuesday, Oct. 22.

“Designers work extremely hard and are often juggling several large projects at the same time,” says Shawn Hughes, Steelyard’s Chairman and CEO. “At Steelyard, designers matter. Our goal is to support our designer partners, to make them more efficient, to streamline their processes and, in the end, make them more successful.”

With the Collaboration feature a designer can easily share his or her inspiration, vision or project presentation boards with members of their team and with their clients for an end-to-end process that is uncomplicated and polished. Each project can have different team members as collaborators. Need to change the lighting? No problem. Everyone on the project will see the most recent versions in real time. The feature also allows designers to keep everything organized in intuitive project folders. Stay up-to-date and in-the-know on every project and schedule. Then use the Collaboration feature to send information directly to the client via a link, where they can review, approve, and share notes. Once the designer is ready to move forward, order entry and transmission is available with nearly a single click.

Steelyard’s Purchase Order tool makes product procurement and expediting simpler. With a single click, create a purchase order for one item or aggregate items from multiple projects for a particular manufacturer. Add special terms, discounts or other company-specific information and then transmit it directly from your Steelyard dashboard to the vendor. The Purchase Order tool populates the project folders with updated information including order and anticipated delivery information. Purchase orders can be sorted by project, vendor, date and more. 

With Steelyard’s exclusive new Clip & Keep tool, moments of brilliance don’t have to turn into research and entry hassles. Find a product online — furniture, faucets, fans, whatever — and with a click on the Steelyard Clip & Keep tool, the product is transferred from any online site to the designer’s choice of project folders. Designers can also keep multiple photos of the same product, giving them the ability to work with room scenes, vignettes or multiple-angle silhouette shots. Plus, every clipped image remains in the designer’s library on Steelyard, organized and searchable, so there are no more hours wasted trying to re-create work that’s already been done.

Designers are invited to stop by the Steelyard Airstream during High Point Market for a quick demonstration. While there, attendees can snag a Steelyard swag bag, pick up a map for the great Nail Polish Trail and score VIP passes to events. It all begins on Friday, October 18 at noon. Visit Steelyard Market events for a full list of Steelyard Market activities.

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