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Taking Your Brand to the Next Level

How do we measure the success of any marketing, branding or business development endeavor?

By Bob Gaynor, Creative Director, Business Development and Brand Management Specialist
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Charles Pavarini III has leveraged his respected interior design brand to do more. He’s written a book, and he has entered product design partnerships with Alora Lighting (above), Samad for rugs, and Swaim for furniture.
Charles Pavarini III has leveraged his respected interior design brand to do more. He’s written a book, and he has entered product design partnerships with Alora Lighting (above), Samad for rugs, and Swaim for furniture.

In today’s digital economy, we know that data and metrics are king and queen. How do we, then, measure the success of any marketing, branding or business development endeavor? Increased revenue? Stronger market recognition? Deeper client satisfaction? All of the above?

Any one of these is a marker of success for a small business looking to grow. Because our clientele can range from sole design practitioners to larger manufacturing and design firms, each approach is unique, and follows its own path. Let’s take a look at how one of our clients navigated these waters.

Charles Pavarini III is a well-established interior designer at the helm of Pavarini Design, a multidisciplinary firm based in New York City specializing in luxury interiors throughout the United States. Working with such a well respected brand was a true pleasure, but how do you approach a firm that has already been nationally recognized, won multiple industry awards and has been invited to participate in The Kips Bay Designer Showhouse six times? Speaking with Charles and Pavarini Design Vice President Randall Tarasuk, we quickly understood it was more than just an ego-driven prospect. It was about finding other avenues for their immense talent and gift for design, as well as growing their public profile and increasing revenue. Growing up in New York City his family’s business, the Pavarini Construction Company, built many iconic New York City landmarks including the United Nations, The Seagram’s Building and Lincoln Center. With such a powerful pedigree, it’s no wonder their work centered on structurally unique interiors and artistically relevant design.

The firm’s aptitude for furniture and product design was clear from the beginning and presented one such avenue for growth, as did Charles’ ability to educate and inspire industry audiences through public speaking. We set about creating a roadmap for licensing and brand management that would take the better part of three years. (If that sounds like a long journey, know that developing product for market can take anywhere from two and a half  to five years.)

First, we identified those product categories that speak to the Pavarini Design brand, and then identified manufacturing brands that have the capability to realize Charles’ vision. Approaching both large and mid size companies was key to our overall success. If you are thinking of adding product development to your business, it’s important to work with categories you are passionate about. Through Charles’ passion for lighting design and bringing integrated LED technology to the forefront of interior design, he has developed his first lighting collection with Alora Lighting, a division of Kuzco Lighting. It has also led him to write a new book on lighting design for residential designers. Slated for release this year, it will be both textbook and designer resource called Goodbye Mr. Edison — Home Lighting Design In the Wake of the Light-Bulb Revolution.

To date, Charles has licensed designs in three categories including Swaim Furniture, Alora Lighting and Samad Rugs.

Once product is in the market, in most cases, it is contingent on the designers to provide some aspect of marketing and public relations to help new collections gain a foothold more quickly. For Charles and Pavarini design, we capitalized on his phenomenal public speaking skills to set up live events throughout the year. This included Market events, trade showroom engagements, and editor and magazine sponsored panels. All of these opportunities not only connected the brand to editors and market executives, but also gave Charles a huge opportunity to plug each of the products and manufacturers we were working with. For Alora, specifically, we led a media campaign that included releases of the collection for regional and national magazines, both digitally and in print. Garnering 13 articles since March, including market picks and designer interviews, the campaign successfully introduced the collection to industry and consumer alike. Furniture, Lighting & Decor and Connecticut Cottages & Gardens have featured Charles lighting introductions, for example.

We also strategized with the company’s social media coordinator to keep the message consistent across all platforms. As we mentioned before, it is this broad view of your communications strategy that puts your brand in front of your clients time and time again.

As we continue to work with Pavarini Design, we are constantly searching for new opportunities to expand their reach in the home goods market. This Spring, Charles will launch additional collections with Swaim Furniture at High Point Market, cementing his reputation as a product designer with strong go to market capabilities.

It’s the journey not the destination. Understanding your own marketing path to communications, brand management and business development requires a deep dive into what you really want to achieve. We all want to work with great clients and do so more efficiently with less headaches. But how do we get there? We are so fortunate in this modern era of the interior design business to have access to incredible coaches and mentors for business development, systems analysis and marketing plans so readily available to us. I have benefitted from working with these talented individuals many times. Keep yourself and your business open to critique, and I think you’ll be surprised to find new ways to work, and new work that sustains you. FLD

For more information, visit www.dcinteriormanagement.com

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