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Top 3 Design Trends in Every State

Joybird's new research breaks down the top three design trends that people are searching for in each state.

Alison Martin
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What's trending in your state? (Photo: Joybird)

The latest research on top design trends from Joybird surprised a lot of designers this week. The online furniture retailer's newest findings break down the top three most searched design trends by state, and the results give us an interesting idea of what people are looking for in their home designs.

Who knew Victorian design had such a following? Check out these three graphs and see what's trending in your state.

How to Use These Graphs

The wrong way to use these graphs would to be to look at the first graph and assume that everyone in your state loves that particular design. Showrooms in Illinois, for example, should not only be stocking contemporary pieces. To make use of this information, look at all three graphs and track which styles ranked. Then compare the styles and look for similarities and patterns within them.

For retailers, evaluate the data and look at your product stock and your sales over the last 12 months. Do your sales match with the styles most searched in your state? If not, don't worry about it. If so, keep this in mind when you head to High Point Market in October. 

For interior designers, consider adding photos of your work to your portfolio that capture these design styles and talk about those styles on your blog. Clients want to see that you can work with popular styles, so show off your best work.

The #1 Most Searched Style


Who would've thought so many people would be searching for Victorian design? Ten states ranked it as its most searched trend, followed by bohemian (nine states) and contemporary (seven states). What does that mean for designers? Maybe nothing, but clients in these states may not shy away from ornate rugs, heavy draperies and bold wallpapers.

The 2nd Most Searched Style


From this second graphic, it seems contemporary and Art Deco styles are going hand in hand. Illinois, New York and Florida ranked Art Deco as their second most searched design trend. On the west coast, Mid-Century Modern made a massive comeback, but more than 10 states ranked bohemian in second place. Some states may love the ornateness of Victorian design, but they're not afraid to go a little boho either.

The 3rd Most Searched Style


In our final graph, Victorian design dominates once again with bohemian still showing a strong following. Art Deco is almost wiped from the map, and vintage and western are mostly absent as well.


What terms ranked in your state? Share with us in the comments!

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