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Top 4 Design Styles Consumers are Searching

Japandi topped interior design Google searches again this year. 

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RentCafe Japandi Design Style
RentCafe said Japandi was the top-searched design style in 2022.

According to a recent RentCafe.com report, although interior design has lately been all about simplicity and clean-cut lines, new analysis shows that mystery, drama and abundance are spiking people’s interest.

To see which styles are the new favorites and which are the ones fading fastest, Rent Cafe analyzed Google search data for 35 of the most popular interior design styles over the past year. Here’s what they found out:

  • Japandi tops the list for the second year in a row. The style was the fastest-rising interior design trend in the 2022 study, and it appears it will stick around in 2023 – Google searches for this design style doubled in 2022 compared to the prior year.
  • Dark academia, the second-trendiest design style for two years in a row, spiked 72 percent in Google searches over the past year.
  • Maximalism landed the third spot on our list with an increase of 63 percent – jumping up two positions compared to last year.
  • Modern Victorian and transitional are two newcomers in the top five design trends, with an increase of 41 percent and 24 percent in Google searches, respectively.

On the other hand, rustic and contemporary are the designs fading the fastest, down 21 percent and 15 percent in searches in 2022.

Rent Cafe Google Searches for Design

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