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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans offer as much in style as they do in function, and with today's technology, modern ceiling fans are smarter and more efficient than ever before. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, with LED or traditional bulbs, these fans are available in a range of styles, sizes, blade options, and finishes. This section features a variety of new products, news and feature articles about ceiling fans.

Craftmade Ceiling Fans: Ahead of the Curve

In the last several years, ceiling fans have seen a resurgence in popularity, marked by new technologies, materials and designs that have elevated design in a category staple that hadn’t seen many…
Craftmade Axel Ceiling Fan
Craftmade's large Axel ceiling fan houses connected blades in a lighted ring.

Ushering in a New Era of Ceiling Fans

After decades of reliable “sameness,” over the last several years, ceiling fans have preceded other lighting categories when it comes to technology.  Do you want your ceiling fans and chandeliers…

Schonbek’s Secret Garden Fandelier

Schonbek’s Secret Garden Fandelier. SAMS - M1000A. schonbek.com
The Almere fan from Kichler
The Almere is one of several new Kichler's stylish ceiling fan launches.

Kichler Debuts Fashion-Forward Ceiling Fan Collections

Kichler Lighting LLC, a leader in innovative lighting and ceiling fans has introduced four new Ceiling Fans Decor families engineered for performance and comfort while boasting sophisticated, on-…
Modern Forms Aura Fan
Modern Forms Aura Fan.

Modern Forms Introduces Aura Fan

Modern Forms has introduced the new Aura Smart Fan, which features an extremely versatile and distinctive design. Aura appears to float melodically in the sky. The sublime Aura Smart Ceiling Fan…
Ceiling fan? Light Fixture? Or Both? These fixtures do double duty.

Fandeliers: These Ceiling Fans Double as Decorative Lighting Fixtures

When is a chandelier not just a light fixture? When it hides a ceiling fan inside its framework. Then it’s a ‘fandelier’ — functional and stylish. The styles of these hybrid fans/light fixtures vary…

The Fandelier by Kichler

This Kichler “fandelier” is designed for smaller area installations such as landings or small bedrooms. This beautiful industrial exterior hides a functional fan mechanism. www.kichler.com 

Ceiling Fan Technology

Ceiling fans contribute to greater air conditioning and heating efficiency, decreasing energy use and helping homeowners regulate their body temperature in the process. Integrating HVAC systems and…

Bigger is Better in Ceiling Fans

The 102-inch Prost ceiling fan by Craftmade (featured above) is available in three finishes and features industrial style, an energy-saving DC motor WiFi-compatible remote and wall control, a…

Modern Forms Launches ULTRA Germicidal Smart Fan

While the practice for using germicidal UV fixtures to disinfect air has been well established in hospitals for over 70 years, ULTRA Germicidal* Smart Fan by Modern Forms now helps you create a safer…
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