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Valdese Weavers Partners with Seaqual on Marine Plastic Upcycled Textiles

Valdese Weavers is working with Seaqual to recycle plastic marine litter into textiles. 

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Valdese Weavers has joined forces with Seaqual to upcycle marine plastic into fabric.

For 20 years, Valdese Weavers has been recycling plastics into timeless textiles and the company is evolving its commitment to making a positive difference on the environment by launching a new partnership with Seaqual Initiative. 

Seaqual Initiative’s mission is to fight plastic pollution by working together as a collaborative global community to raise awareness about marine litter and work with ocean cleanups around the world to bring value to the waste they recover. Seaqual works with waste management and recycling industries to transform marine litter into upcycled marine plastic that can be used to create sustainable products. They have transformed 99 tons of marine litter into upcycled marine plastic and cleaned 600 tons of waste from our oceans.

“When you look at the data and the impact that Seaqual is already making, it really is remarkable. It was a no-brainer for us to become a licensed partner of Seaqual and we are proud to be able to offer our customers the option to be a part of this huge initiative to eliminate plastic pollution,” says Blake Millinor, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Valdese Weavers. 

The OEKO-TEX certified upcycled yarn that is made from the cleaned and processed marine plastic collected by Seaqual is woven into fabrics at Valdese Weavers’ facility in Burke County, North Carolina. Residential and contract grade fabrics are available, as well as performance options, all with the excellent design, quality and attention to detail that Valdese Weavers is known for. Seaqual Initiative/Valdese Weavers partners have access to a plethora of marketing materials that help support Seaqual’s story and effort to bring communities together for a cleaner ocean and a waste-free environment. 

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