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Women in Lighting: Find a Mentor Match Before This Week's Deadline

The ALA's Women in Lighting Mentor Matching Program sign-up deadline is September 30. 

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Women in Lighting, Mentor Matching Program
Thursday, Sept. 30, is the last day for Women in Lighting to sign up for Mentors.

All women in the lighting industry are invited to participate in the fifth round of the American Lighting Association’s Women in Lighting Mentor Matching Program. Launched in 2020, this program pairs women in all segments of the lighting industry and all experience levels with each other on a quarterly basis to foster networking and mentorship.
Women who sign up for the program at www.lightingwomen.com by September 30 will be paired with another participant in October through the end of December 2021. Pairs are encouraged to have a call with each other at least once a month during that timeframe. As a reminder to connect, suggested conversation topics will be posted to the Women in Lighting Facebook Group.
While pairings will be made with mentorship in mind, peers may also be paired to encourage networking and expand participants’ industry contacts. Pairings change each quarter to rotate mentors and help to establish even more one-on-one interactions between women in the industry.
ALA membership is not a requirement for participation in the Women in Lighting Mentor Matching Program, but you do need to sign up newly each quarter in order to be matched. So even if you have participated in previous rounds of Mentor Matching, you will need to sign up again to be matched in this latest round.
The next opportunity for Mentor Matching will take place in December for the first quarter of 2022.

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