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Among the new models presented in a gallery format, Zedbed Graphite, available in firm, medium and plush comfort levels. 

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Kingsdown Group, the company known for meticulously handcrafted mattresses built on a foundation of sleep science, is introducing new offerings in its Zedbed, high-end, infused artisan foam line, with new fabric selections and dramatic cover designs, as part of its focus on The Art of Sleep” at the Summer Las Vegas Market July 24th -28th. 

Among the new models presented in a gallery format, Zedbed Graphite, available in firm, medium and plush comfort levels, combines graphite foam --to pull heat away from the body-- with plush gel foam for cooling luxurious comfort, and resilient latex to enhance pressure relief and maximize support. It provides the responsiveness of memory foam but does not react to body heat or ambient air to provide a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience. 

The new Zedbed Copper models, also available in firm, medium and plush constructions, feature naturally anti-microbial Copper VX Foam, perforated to increase airflow for cooler sleep. 

All Zedbed mattresses feature engineered foam cores, optimized for use on adjustable bases. Three new and distinctive aesthetic packages will debut at the Summer Market. 

“Zedbeds look different, and they feel different thanks to specially formulated infused foams that provide a spa-like sleep experience,” said Frank Hood, president, and chief executive officer of Kingsdown. 

Crafted using eco-friendly, soy-based foams, beds and pillows are infused with a variety of natural botanical options like lavender, citrus, coconut charcoal and eucalyptus, and in the case of Zedbed Graphite and Copper, naturally cooling and antimicrobial elements. 

The Zedbed presentation starts in the front window of the company’s new showroom, C- 1401, with an impressive dreamscape display featuring branded projections and other sensory effects. Showroom imagery highlights the artistic craftsmanship of the brand born in Quebec and now distributed across Canada and the U.S., and the intricate designs of its artfully stitched, scroll-quilted covers. The display makes the connection between the visual appeal of the beds—the Art of Sleep—and elevation of the sleep experience. 

Dealers and interior designers are invited to explore Zedbed following a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the new showroom on Sunday, April 24th at 2:40 p.m. An opening day social event follows from 3 to 5 p.m. 

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