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4 Dry Places to Wait out the Inevitable High Point Market Rain Shower

No matter the season, the High Point Market rain shower is inevitable. Check out these dry, cozy places to wait out the rain and see some cool products in the meantime.

Alison Martin
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Rain and wet umbrella
Photo: Pexels

It never fails. Every High Point Market, it will rain at least one day. Some markets, the rain falls endlessly. For those High Point seasoned pros, the umbrella is the most important accessory anyone can have at the show because there's nothing worse than being caught in a rainstorm between IHFC and Suites at Market Square.

Even if you do like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, these rainy-day spots will ensure that your time isn't wasted at High Point Market

200 Steele

If you've never ventured out to 200 Steele, a rainshower is the perfect excuse. This spacious building houses a number of fine furniture companies, and its luxurious feel makes it an elegant getaway for a rainy day.

Known for its upscale tenants, 200 Steele may have fewer tenants than IHFC or Suites at Market Square, but the showrooms are massive. John-Richard, Century Furniture, Bradburn and Highland House all call 200 Steele home, so if you've never made it out to the building at past markets, you may find something new and different for your showrooms here.

Of course, nearly every showroom serves soft drinks and water (and later alcohol) all day, and at least one will put out a lunch spread (Bradburn is serving tapas on Friday), so if you're out there around lunchtime, you won't go hungry. Best of all, the open foyer has plenty of seating. If you need some time to answer emails or go over your notes, you won't feel crowded.

Penny Path Café & Crêpe Shop

We know there are a ton of cool mini showrooms out along English Road, but what happens when you're caught in the rain — too far to make it to Showplace without getting soaked — and it's lunchtime.

You pop into the Penny Path Café & Crêpe Shop of course. This quaint little cafe serves up sweet and savory crepes, which are perfect for a light lunch or an afternoon snack, as well as hot coffee for chilly afternoons. Though there isn't much seating inside, this cafe is a perfect spot to wait out a light rain shower and then make a mad dash back to Showplace. 

Penny Path Café & Crêpe Shop

104 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

The Temporaries at Suites at Market Square

You've probably toured the Capel, Safavieh and Feizy showrooms at the Suites at Market Square, but have you ever taken the time to go through the temporaries and really look around? There may be some familiar faces, but chances are you're going to see cool, new finds like Kenneth Cobonpue and CUR8 — all in the temporaries last market and now expanding and doing cool things in other places in High Point.

The temporaries is one of the best locations to find something different for your showroom — something that sets you apart from your local competitors. Whether you're looking for decorative accessories, accent furniture that stands out or unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, it's worth strolling through the temporaries to see what's new and what might be the next breakout product or company.

Also worth noting: The Suites at Market Square has the only Starbucks on High Point Market's campus. Just sayin'.

Bienenstock Furniture Library

When you know that showrooms will be crowded because of the rain, sometimes it's best to get away from it all and check out a place you might not otherwise explore. For all things related to furniture and design, head to the Bienenstock Furniture Library and spend some time between rain showers browsing their extensive collection.

"The Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library contains the world’s largest collection of books and publications on the history and design of furniture, interiors, architecture, textiles, finishes and construction," the library's website says. "Significant among the Library’s more than 5,000 holdings are contemporary acquisitions and a rare books collection of international volumes published since 1543, including a complete collection of original works by 18th-century furniture masters Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, and a complete set of Diderot’s Encyclopedia."

This library is an amazing resource for anyone in the home design field. Even if you're not interested in a specific topic now, it's worth stopping by to learn more about the library's collection and how it can help you in any future endeavors. 

Who knows? You might even run into notable designers like Libby Langdon while you're there.

Bienenstock Furniture Library

1009 N. Main St.


What's your favorite spot to wait out a rain shower at High Point Market? Share with us in the comments!

Photo: Pexels

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